Johnny Weir Would Love to Be Dancing Instead Of That Evan Guy

SOUNDBITES — “If they asked me, I’d be there in two minutes. I want to learn how to foxtrot. … They will have me!” —Johnny Weir, disappointed Dancing With The Stars producers didn’t ask him to appear on the show, instead opting for an Olympic gold medalist (via)

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  • fredo777

    I would have much rather seen Johnny, which I’ve said before.

  • tiier

    Hey Johnny, you’d be invited next time when you either win or medal, m’kay?

  • Chris Porter

    @tiier: Thank you! This made my day and is so true! Stop hatin’ on my baby’s daddy Evan!

  • jamison

    @Chris Porter: ha! johnny deserved a medal and a spot on DWTS. evan has no personality. TEAM JOHNNY!

  • terrwill

    Lets see, do we go with the colorful quirky, bouncy kinda sorta Gayish Johnny qWeir or the bland, boring, Evan Lysack???……

  • terrwill

    @tiier: PS: Johnny qWeir actually did win a medal. Howeva the homophobes in figure skating of all places denied him said medal……

    Now I know this gets kinda sorta complicated, cause according to Johnny qWeir he isn’t exactally a Gay (please don’t tell him the obvious, we don’t want to upset him!)……But we kinda adopted him as our token somewhat Gay figure skating guy anyway: p

  • Cam

    No. 4 · jamison said..
    @Chris Porter: ha! johnny deserved a medal and a spot on DWTS. evan has no personality. TEAM JOHNNY!

    No, without the quad, even if he performed his routine perfectly his highest possible score was still several points lower than the routines of the people that medaled. He played it safe and didn’t throw the quad which would have brought his possible score much higher. Only he and his coach know why he didn’t do it, but facts are facts, his routine was not as highly rated score-wise and they could have changed that any time throughout the year and didn’t.

  • jamison

    @Cam: what a dumb post, considering the fact that evan did not throw a quad either.

    johnny didn’t medal because of homophobic judges to some extent, but also because its not likely that two people from the same country would get podium spots.

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