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Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer making out on the beach has sent everyone into overdrive

Pictures of Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey filming their upcoming miniseries hit social media recently, and absolutely no one was prepared.

The hunky duo are set to play beaus in Showtime’s historical drama Fellow Travelers, based on Thomas Mallon’s best-selling novel of the same name.

The story follows the romance between Hawkins Fuller (Bomer) and Timothy Laughlin (Bailey) through the ’50s Lavender Scare era through to the AIDS crisis of the ’80s.

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That synopsis aside, these BTS shots are serving anything but drama. Instead, the pair are just frolicking on a beach, kissing in the seafoam and letting their hands roam.

Folks are renewing their Showtime subscriptions as we speak:

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Judging from the source material, this project might not end up being the lighthearted “Heartstopper 2.0” that some are hoping for. At least we know one scene will leave our hearts officially stopped!

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