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Jonathan Plummer’s Book Getting Plugged

Jonathan Plummer gets no respect. Terry McMillan’s gay ex-husband hoped his tell-all “novel” would be embraced universally, but at least one book store ain’t having it. Our black sister Stereohyped reports:

Jonathan Plummer, the man responsible for both the giving and the taking away of Terry McMillan’s infamous groove, has written the gay, gold-digging version of O.J.’s If I Did It, and booksellers are responding to it in a similar way – by banning it from their shelves.

At least one bookstore – Marcus Books in Oakland – has decided not to carry Plummer’s novel, Balancing Act, which is based on the man’s “discovery,” “during” his marriage to uber-author Terry McMillan, that he was in no way shape or form a straight man. Funny how that happens after you marry the millionaire novelist.

While some think Marcus Books may just be pro-McMillan, Plummer’s manager cousin says otherwise…

In a press release on the matter, Mark Plummer says,

I am very disappointed to hear that Marcus Books is not stocking Balancing Act by Jonathan Plummer and Karen Hunter. Why Marcus Books would ban a novel that encourages compassion and understanding instead of homophobia -in the community that needs it the most– is indeed very sad but not a surprise. Terry McMillan has gone to great and personally humiliating lengths to prevent the publication and distribution of this book. “Balancing Act” is fiction with a purpose and it will prevail with or without the support of Marcus Books.

“Fiction”? Sounds to us like Plummer’s just taking a page from his ex-wife’s book.
In the same release, Plummer’s publicist says homophobia’s probably not the motive behind the Marcus Books ban:

I don’t think that homophobia is the issue where Marcus Books is concerned. I do know that E. Lynn Harris is a favorite author of the store and he is a personal friend of one of the owner’s and he is openly gay. Jonathan-o-phobia is more likely the reason for the decision to not sell the book.

Maybe they just think he’s an opportunist. And rightfully so…