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Jonathan Rauch + Maggie Gallagher Are Going to ‘Debate’ the Same Thing: Gays Don’t Need Marriage

We are deeply saddened knowing we will not make it to the Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought tonight, where NOM chief Maggie Gallagher will appear in a showdown against Jonathan Rauch at the organization’s third annual “Great Debate” at the University of Colorado. Titled “Should the Government Approve Same-Sex Marriage?,” the 7pm event was put together by Matt Boettger, the director of outreach and evangelization for the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center, who appears to have secured speakers at the center and right of the debate, but not the left. That is: Maggie is against gay marriage in any form, while Jonathan is the co-author of this Times op-ed that was all, Aren’t civil unions good enough? Yes, Jonathan is indeed a staunch gay marriage supporter, but he’s also one of these compromise-y fellows. So it’s like: Who’s gonna convince whom at this thing?

Well, if you’re attending, please send us a report.