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Jonathan Rauch + Maggie Gallagher Are Going to ‘Debate’ the Same Thing: Gays Don’t Need Marriage

We are deeply saddened knowing we will not make it to the Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought tonight, where NOM chief Maggie Gallagher will appear in a showdown against Jonathan Rauch at the organization’s third annual “Great Debate” at the University of Colorado. Titled “Should the Government Approve Same-Sex Marriage?,” the 7pm event was put together by Matt Boettger, the director of outreach and evangelization for the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center, who appears to have secured speakers at the center and right of the debate, but not the left. That is: Maggie is against gay marriage in any form, while Jonathan is the co-author of this Times op-ed that was all, Aren’t civil unions good enough? Yes, Jonathan is indeed a staunch gay marriage supporter, but he’s also one of these compromise-y fellows. So it’s like: Who’s gonna convince whom at this thing?

Well, if you’re attending, please send us a report.

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  • Devon

    Catholic Thought?

    Sounds like jumbo shrimp to me.

  • David Ehrenstein

    KAPOS like Rauch are always good for a laugh. Maybe he’ll propose marriage to Maggie.

  • romeo

    Note to Queerty: If you want hits on stories about Gallagher, DON’T post pictures of her. Her face puts everybody off their feed.

  • Wade macMorrighan

    Ugh…”Civil Unions” do NOT confer the same legal status that MARRIAGE automatically does; Civil Unions are NOT recognized by most employers; they create 2nd. Class citizens; they are clearly separate-but-(un)equal! So, Mags, given these facts, why should we try to “MAKE IT” work, legally, rather than delay our time and go after civil/ secularized Marriage, when YOU and YOUR group (despite your public pretenses) have gone after any state that is trying to allow so-much as “Civil Unions” or “Domestic Partnerships” with your fear-mongering and lie-filled adds?

  • terrwill

    I wish someone would give Maggot Gallagher a real good kick to her balls……………..

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Has anyone noticed that when Maggie is speaking at an engagement or really busy with her discrimination project, Naghanenu stops writing in. Hmmm. I smell a rat.

  • soul_erosion

    @Terrwill:”a real good kick to her balls…”
    Judge Walker just did that this morning. He’s allowed an email chain from Maggie into evidence. Maggie will have to file another lawsuit in Federal court to stop it. Her nerves have to be rattled during her debate in Colorado tonight.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    The bad ship gallagher will soon be hoist on her own petard. She is so puffed up with her own importance, and the odd box of doughnuts, that she is turning into an Iris Robinson figure. If you live by the word, you die by it, Margie…..

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