Justin Vivian Bond Insists “We’re Here. We’re Trannies. Get Used To It!”

Photo credit: Liz Ligouri

I have said many times that our consciousness around gender is evolving much more quickly than the language used to describe it. If these transgender activists wish to get rid of the word tranny because it’s hurtful and offensive, I would like to know which other words they would rather use to describe people who inhabit the spaces between traditional gender representations. What are the acceptable words for those of us who refuse to identify as male or female? Please let us know. Because on most legal forms, we don’t exist. If you were born male or female, or if you’ve transitioned to male or female physically and legally, and are able to live comfortably under one of those rubrics, then there is a box for you to check. But what about the rest of us? If there is no language, do we not exist? FYI, whether there are other words or not: We’re here. We’re Trannies. Get used to it! Instead of asking the world to banish certain words, we should be fighting for the inclusion of more, so that those of us who don’t identify as male or female are no longer forced to lie about ourselves and what we are every time we fill out a form.

Hey, M and F! Give me a T!!!!”


Tony Award-nominated performance artist Mx Justin Vivian Bond in a brilliantly-written essay for The Stranger that in a reasonable world would settle the debate over word policing once and for all