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  • jason

    What a lame creep Kanye is! As for Rihanna, she’s just as creepy. What the fuck has she ever done for gay rights?

  • alejandro

    @jason: just cuz she never did anything for gay rights how does that make her creepy??

  • jason

    This is a bit rich coming from Kanye. He’s spent years denying that he’s gay or bisexual. Yet here he is trying to convince Rihanna that she’s bisexual. He comes across as a typical liberal phony gay advocate with a bisexual double standard if you ask me.

    Note how all these music liberals want to convince us that all mainstream female artists are bisexual but the men are all straight. LOL. No wonder the music industry has lost credibility. It’s simply an extension of the straight male’s pornographic fantasies wherein all females are bisexual.

    It’s time for us gays to be merciless in our attacks on the music industry and its bisexual hypocrisy. Absolutely merciless.

  • Jake

    Kanye is an idiot. That’s a fact, he’s a pretentious dick with some good music. He also views himself to be a lot more intelligent than he really is, which is a shame because he’s not that smart — he’s good at pretending he is, though. I don’t understand why Jay-Z would work with such a lowlife.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    FUCK KANYE WEST. He is a horrible person and a even more horrid musician.

  • alicia banks

    kanye needs all kinds of therapy as he is all kinds of crazy….

  • adam

    @jason: wtf is a ‘music liberal’?

  • thousandfold

    @jason, I totally agree about the bisexual double-standard going on in the pop/hip-hop music world. Although old and familiar, it still grates on my nerves.

    But why’s Rihanna creepy? As a fellow Bajan, I’d love to see her lend her support to the gays of the Caribbean, but ultimately, that’s not something I have any right to demand of her: she has to decide for herself what causes she wants to support and why. I’ll remain a fan as long as she doesn’t start expressing antigay sentiments.

  • jack

    all: You’ve never seen her “Disturbia” video?

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