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Karl Jacobs’ sexuality: Is Karl Jacobs gay?


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Popular YouTuber Karl Jacobs first came under the spotlight when he started joining videos with MrBeast. With his sudden fame came the interest of fans in his dating life and sexuality. After all, when fans see their faves getting cozy with a collaborator in a video or on social media, they can’t help but wonder if that online chemistry might cause real sparks.

Is Karl Jacobs from MrBeast gay? Whom has he dated in the past, and has he ever confirmed the rumors between himself and other fellow YouTubers? Keep reading to get the scoop on Karl Jacobs’ sexuality and romantic history.

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Who Is Karl Jacobs?

Karl Jacobs, a.k.a. GamerBoyKarl is a famous Twitch streamer and YouTube gaming personality. He initially streamed Roblox content under his old YouTube channel “Game Patrol” before streaming as GamerBoyKarl on Twitch in 2017. Karl started gaining popularity when he appeared on the MrBeast channel. Initially a camera operator for the channel, he later became an on-screen member in 2020.

Jacobs’ participation in MrBeast’s expensive stunts and crazy challenges gradually gained him internet fame. Jacobs later joined the Dream SMP and established a new standalone Youtube channel in September 2020. He broke news about his solo channel on his Twitter page in December 2020, but worried fans were relieved to see he’s still part of the MrBeast crew.

Today, Jacobs is best known for his entertaining Minecraft roleplay community streams, as well as his zany TikTok videos which have earned him nearly 11 million followers. He also has 3.6 million followers on Twitter and 4 million followers on Instagram, all excited to see the latest updates from this competitive gamer.


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Whom Has Karl Jacobs Dated?

Karl Jacobs has never been in a confirmed relationship, but there have been a few rumors because he’s been pretty friendly with other content creators online. There was especially heated speculation after he got a little flirty with Fortnite streamer and Instagram model Corrina Koopf.

Jacobs and Kopf were seen replying to each other’s tweets as early as December 2020. However, the rumors truly gained momentum in January 2021 when she asked Jacobs to visit her in Los Angeles.

Jacobs wittily replied that he would walk all the way there, and Kopf flirtily asked when he would arrive. Needless to say, this online exchange left quite a few of their fans feeling jealous. They’ve had other similarly flirty public conversations on Twitter, but so far that’s all it appears to be. The two streamers have yet to be spotted together, so we can’t say for sure that they’ve ever dated.

For now, Jacobs is single and seems laser-focused on taking his Twitch and Youtube career to new heights. He’s even famously tweeted that his chosen Valentine’s Day date in 2021 was a pillow with an anime character on it.

He has yet to be spotted seriously romancing anyone online or in person. If he’s in a relationship right now, then he’s doing a fantastic job of keeping things under wraps.

Is Karl Jacobs Of YouTube Gay?

It’s hard to say for sure. Jacobs has been paired by feverish fans with another gaming YouTuber, Sapnap. Sapnap and Jacobs have also flirted online, making people wonder if there’s anything between them. 

Jacobs tweeted in September 2020, “WHAT?! OPEN RELATIONSHIP??? DISCUSSED WITH WHO?! SAPNAP YOU’RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH.” The pair have even met in real life, with Sapnap chilling at Jacobs’ house in March 2021.

Despite this, we don’t think that they’re dating, as the tweets and occasional collab stream are all the evidence we have of their connection. It hasn’t stopped their fans from pairing them on social media, however, with devoted followers creating TikTok videos about the two.


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Karl Jacobs Says He’s On The Ace Spectrum

Karl Jacobs has confirmed that he’s on the asexual a.k.a. ace spectrum in late 2020. Jacobs appeared on the trainwreckstve podcast, where he said that he was “close to being asexual”. He later clarified this statement on Twitter, writing to his fans, “On trainwreckstv scuffed podcast the other day, I said I felt I am close to being asexual. Wanted to explain that when I say that I mean like on the spectrum I am close to it but not 100% there.”

Asexuality is a broad spectrum of sexuality, but it doesn’t mean that an ace person is also aromantic. Whether he’s interested in a romantic relationship with anyone, however, remains to be seen.

The Bottom Line

So, is Karl Jacobs gay? Karl Jacobs has spoken about feelings of asexuality, but he also hasn’t clarified much more about his sexuality. Until he confirms that he’s gay, bi, or straight, all we have is speculation. We’ll wait to hear it from him if he wants to put a label on his sexuality!

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