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  • spunkbox

    why don’t they just call that magazine ‘A Slob’s Life’

  • Olive Yurdich

    Guess not everyone is a Christian Siriano type like you, spunkbox.

  • CitizenGeek

    The whole bear culture is painfully embarrassing. I hate being associated with something it. Or with that silly, silly leatherfolk crap. Or any other kind of gay category. But especially bears and leatherfolk. I’m just really happy my own continent of Europe hasn’t been invaded by such a crude, embarrassingly silly sub-culture.

  • hells kitchen guy

    she’s the one in the middle, right?

  • fredo777

    Love her. Love bears.

    Diggin’ it.

  • Winter

    I hope this shoot is covered in the new season of My Life On the D-List.

    But, yeah. I agree with CitizenGeek. Bears are sad.

    Their not even weird and sad like Furries.

  • Qjersey

    Citizen Geek and Winter..

    I embarrassed by:

    Buff Chelsea boys doing crystal and barebacking being snotty to everyone not like them.

    Vapid East Village twinks who are just as arrogant in their “anti chelsea style”

    Men who never left the 70’s

    Theater Fags

    Men who work on “being masculine”

    Attention seeking trannies and drag queens.

    I”m also embarrassed by my white trash family, but they are still my family and whatever I may feel, they are mine and I am connected to them, and when I can get over myself, I can actually have a good time with them and realize I have things in common with them.

    AND btw the the Bear and Leather Communities have done more to battle HIV/AIDS in our community than the so called “more acceptable” parts of our community and continue to do so.

    So you may not like them, but they give a shit about you.

    See you at Pride.

    I’ll be on 42nd wearing something to embarrass you.

  • GranDiva

    And people wonder how sub-subcultures get created…

    What I didn’t like about the interview inside was that it was pretty much boilerplate PR crap. I thought Kathy was better than that.

  • Puddy Katz

    GrandDiva, Kathy is not better than that. She is that. If she didn’t have the gay schtick to play she wouldn’t have any schtick at all.

  • M Shane

    Qjersey not everyone is hairy any more than everyone has to “work at being masculine’ some people just are and are rejected because of it. I liked the 70-80s like staying healthy. I like some S&M if that’s leather. I don’t judge, and dalways hope there’s a place for everyone(wish there was!)

  • CitizenGeek


    At least those groups don’t organise themselves into groups and give themselves labels and then go to pride parades and stuff and embarrass the entire community with how immature and ridiculous they are.

    Another thing: I’ve heard all that about leatherfolk and bears doing more to stop HIV than anyone else, but no one is EVER able to back that up.

  • CitizenGeek

    Oh, and I’d also like to add that I absolutely adore Kathy Griffin! I think she’s awesome!

  • Forrest

    We all fall into our own subgroups whether we acknowledge it or not. The gay “community” is no more a monolith than any other media created “community”. We are riven by just as many cultural and socioeconomic differences as anyone else. No need to attack each other like this.

  • Anarchos

    “At least those groups don’t organise themselves into groups and give themselves labels and then go to pride parades and stuff and embarrass the entire community with how immature and ridiculous they are.”

    No, judging people by appearance alone and subjugating members of your own minority isn’t immature and ridiculous at all. Oh wait…

    Bears may organize themselves through mutual identification, but are you really so naive and blind that you don’t see how organizing through mutual exclusion is still a way–a much worse way, I might add–to organize a group? I’m embarrassed by shallow, empty queens who hate themselves so much that they have to reject others to create a kind of acceptance.

  • CitizenGeek


    I’m not saying I find bears to be an embarrassing annoyance out of some kind of shallowness or some need to reject others in order to feel superior. I’m saying it because I actually do find bears to be embarrassing and annoying. I don’t want them to go away (well, I kind of do – but I’d never do anything to get rid of them) or whatever, I just wish they’d be a little quieter.

  • djdavi

    All of these comments are embarrassing. “I just wish they’d be a little quieter” ranks with “I don’t mind gay people, but they shouldn’t flaunt themselves.” SILENCE = DEATH people, doesn’t anyone remember that?

    “Embarrassing the entire community” is a bit of a stretch. More embarrassing are the kids who go to clubs and dance for pride. Pride is supposed to be go out get in the publics face, be seen, be heard.

    I for one am glad the gay community has so many different groups and subcultures. t would be boring if all gays were the same. I’m only 25 and at clubs I went from being called a “twink” to a “cub.” So for humors sake I went to a “bear” night with a friend, and we keep going back because the community is the most open and friendly, and almost every week they do a charity drive.

  • Anarchos

    CitizenGeek, you only further prove your own blindness and ignorance the further you try to take the argument. I don’t doubt that you genuinely find bears “embarrassing and annoying,” it’s your reasons that I’m calling into question, and despite your denying it being anything to do with shallowness and self-hatred, you fail to explain what your reasons actually are. Maybe you need to examine yourself a bit more closely before you start passing judgment on others.

  • Allen

    Okay … back to Kathy. That’s pretty funny and awesome she’s on the cover! Remember Johnny Knoxville and John Waters on the cover? Hell, Kevin Smith was on the cover too. :)

  • hells kitchen guy

    I’m not a bear, but I will say that whenever I’m among them, I have fun. Also: when there is a buff Chelsea boy among bears – and he doesn’t have attitutude or isn’t an asshole – the bears are all over him, which shows that they have taste and can recognize a fine side of beef – NOT that they’re hypocritical.

    I think most bears are friendly and outgoing – can’t really say the same for chelsea-hk crowd, alas. (although that may be changing. slowly)

  • CitizenGeek

    Anarchos, what is this self-hatred stuff? I’m not a bear, I NEVER will be. So me not liking bears doesn’t really relate to self-hatred at all. I know it’d be nice if you could use that argument because it suits you and your pro-silly bears argument but, sorry, it just doesn’t make sense.

    Surely, you’re not embarrassed when straight folk see bears? I know I am, it totally presents the gay community as being obsessed with sexual fetish, even though it’s really only the bears that are obsessed with sexual fetish. It’s even more sad that the gay community rushes with open arms to accept groups based entirely on SEXUAL FETISHES (of all things!) like leather fetishists and bear fetishists.

  • nikko

    Bears seem to have the no attitude friendliness that most high- maintanace gays don’t….unfortunately, bears are known for two main blunders-they’re
    fat and smell, and they see nothing wrong with that-yuck.As for nasty chelsea fucktards, I ignore them like the rest of trashy humanity.

  • Jay

    It is gross. They have way too much hair and too many old guys over 30.

  • Anarchos

    CitizenGeek, you’re obviously too dim to understand what I’m saying. I’m not calling you a bear. I’m talking about exclusion in gay culture. That exclusion is most often borne out of a self-loathing which is turned outward, and you exemplify this perfectly. You prove my point for me. You make more ignorant blanket statements about bears all being fetishists (not true), and pretty much explicitly state that you’re concerned with how heterosexuals perceive gays. Oh heavens–what will the straights think?! Why don’t you crawl back into the closet where self-loathing queers like you belong?

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