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  • EdWoody

    Or maybe she’s just a very gay-friendly person who you should quit being such a bitch about.

  • Chris

    Really? A gay-friendly person?

    This two-faced bitch who panders to homos with “I kissed a girl” and on the other side of her face calls her boyfriend gay as an insult and bashes GaGa for not kissing Christian ass?

    This two-faced bitch is the daughter of 2 pastors, and started out as a Christian country music star.

    Once she shows some solidarity instead of using gays for her own agenda, I’ll stop bitching about her.

  • whiz

    Oh man- she needs to go away. What a talentless, stupid bitch.

  • concernedcitizen

    Sorry Katy but us gays have Gaga now!

  • Steve

    @concernedcitizen: Which is why gays hate her (Katy), because she “slammed” Gaga. I still find her music likable. At least, until I hear it on the radio fifty-million times a day.

  • jason

    When Katy Perry sings, it sounds like someone is peeing in a toilet.


    Anything to pierce both markets huh Katy?

  • Shae

    @concernedcitizen: praise be to GAGA!!! Queen of the Gays!! :D

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