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Kellyanne Conway shares her nightmare list of who should be the first female president

In her new memoir “Here’s the Deal”, Kellyanne Conway writes that America is ready for a female president.

Of course, this was made abundantly clear in 2016, when 65 million people voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, compared to 62 million who voted for Donald Trump.

But apparently Conway is juuuuust now getting the memo.

In a new interview with Business Insider, the former White House propagandist/professional gaslighter was asked what women, specifically, she would like to see in the Oval Office.

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“I think you have to look at Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa, you have to look at Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee,” she said. “There are any number of Republican senators, governors–maybe a businesswoman here or there, who knows?”

The fact that these are the people Conway would like as the potential first female president is alarming, to say the least.

Blackburn is one of the most vehemently anti-LGBTQ senators in Washington. In addition to opposing same-sex marriage, she opposes same-sex couples adopting or even fostering children. She’s also against workplace protections for LGBTQ people and believes it should be legal to discriminate against queer people based on religious reasons. Oh, and she tried to link Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown-Jackson to trans athletes and pedophiles during Jackson’s confirmation hearing.

As for Reynolds, she’s not quite as blatantly homophobic as Blackburn, but her record on trans issues is absolutely horrid. In March of this year, she signed a law banning trans athletes from competing on school sports teams that correspond with their gender identity. And in May 2019, she signed a law that stripped away funding for trans Iowans seeking life-saving transition-related healthcare.

But Conway’s nightmare roster of potential future female leaders of the Republican party didn’t end there. When asked whether she saw a political future for former first daughter Ivanka Trump, she replied, “If she wants!”

“Ivanka is very talented, brilliant woman who has succeeded at everything she has ever tried,” Conway said, referring to Ivanka’s failed fashion line and her work as an executive in the Trump Organization, for which she is now under investigation.

“She is a naturally talented, very kind, and focused professional who sets out to do a task and gets it done.”

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