Kim Davis Admits She Loves The Attention, Accuses Americans Of Being Intolerant

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 12.02.31 PMKim Davis sat down with Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly last night to talk about the shit storm that is her life. It was her second nationally televised interview, following a tear-and-snot-filled debacle on Good Morning America.

“For me,” Davis told Kelly, “it’s never been a gay or lesbian issue.”

Instead, she argued, it’s been about “upholding the word of God and how God defined marriage from the very beginning of time.”

But when Kelly flat out asked Davis why she doesn’t just resign, the Notorious K.I.M. let it slip that she’s kinda sorta enjoying all the attention she’s been getting.

“If I resign,” she confessed, “I lose my voice.”

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Realizing her gaffe, Davis quickly followed that up by answering Kelly’s question with another question.

“Why should I quit a job that I love that I’m good at?” she said. “They can accommodate for all sorts of issues, and we ask for one simple accommodation and we cannot receive it. I mean, it just doesn’t seem right!”

The “one simple accommodation”, of course, is permission to defy the U.S. constitution.

Ever the victim, Davis went on to say that she “begged” and “beseeched” lawmakers prior to June’s Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality to pass legislation that would protect God-fearing clerks such as herself from having to comply with the law, but none of them did anything to help. She also said she regularly receives  “hate emails” and “vile stuff” in her mailbox, but she refuses to let it get her down because, as she puts it, she is “someone who God is using” to get his message out to the masses.

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When Kelly asked if she thought she would actually be arrested for breaking the law, Davis replied: “In America? In 2015? No. I mean, you know, have we come to a place that, uh, that we can’t accommodate everybody? That we can’t agree to disagree? And still have respect for each other? You know?”

Watch the complete interview below. Or don’t.