Kimye Gives Birth, “Just Life” With “Just Jack,” 20 Ways To Come Out & More!

Blue Ivy may finally have some competition for swaggiest celeb spawn now that the Kimye baby has made her debut upon the world. Papa Kanye West probably already has a diamond teething ring at the ready for his baby girl, thus defeating the purpose of a teething ring but who needs purpose when you’re a Karwestian?


Life lessons according to Jack McFarland.

– The things artists do for their craft. To get her trashy valley girl accent down for The Bling Ring, Emma Watson watched “a lot of the Kardashians,” according to director Sofia Coppola. Meanwhile, this is literally the first time anyone’s ever learned anything from watching Kim & ko.

– Rumor has it Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of Adele whom she’s made a member of the Order of the British Empire.


– A particularly clever way of telling your friends you’re gay.

– And twenty others, courtesy of Russ, your favorite gay marine:

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