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Kim Kardashian Sets Up Her Gay Friends With Guys She Only Thinks Are Gay

How does Kim Kardashian pick out dates for her gay BFFs? By ensuring these young men have all the qualities a straight girl wants in a gay man: “I think he’s going to be so perfect for you. We went shopping the other day, he totally knew what to pick out for me.” But ZOMG, in this totally non-scripted segment from Kourtney and Kim Take New York, a real zinger: the guy isn’t gay! Can you believe this accidentally happened on a national television program. [via]

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  • Francis

    Does it get any more ridiculous? Lol. The guy totally seems gay to me, though. Sort of the way he answered it was like “Oh shit, she’s trying to out me on national TV, let me think of how to prevent that.” She’s right in that he did seem comfortable with her gay friend. Whatever, neither at that hot.

  • Joseph

    That girl has no concept of diversity.

  • james in cambridge

    @Joseph: Well, the Kardashians do like Black dick so that’s diverse enough for tv…

  • Zeus

    Even if that guy is gay, it was good of him to get out of that situation because any gay guy that is friends with Kim Kardashian must be almost as annoying as she is.

  • Shannon

    CORRECTION DUDE….they like BLACK MEN! you gay white kill me…you say the most INSULTING things about everyone else….yet someone says something about YOU>…YOU FALL THE FUCK OUT! THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE TURNING AGAINST YOU IN DROVES>>>

  • Jai

    Can I insult you Shannon? You’re a dumbass. There. Now go away. =)

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