Kramer Blasts Dean, Dems Over Gay Nups

Alright. So, DNC Chairman Howard Dean yesterday released a statement on California’s gay marriage ruling. And, by some sort of politically expedient miracle, Dean managed not to use the word gay. Incredible! Said the former Vermont governor:

The Supreme Court of California today took a step forward in the long march toward protecting equal rights under the law for every American. This should not be a matter of politics or partisanship; it is a matter of protecting the rights and dignity of all American families.

Yes, that’s totally true, but you know the gays aren’t going to take Dean’s “gay” omission.

Take, for example, gay activist Larry Kramer, who had some harsh words for Dean – and others. In an angry missive to Michael Petrelis:

This is all shocking, michael, all the responses from hillary, obama, dean. it shows that we have much much work to do and that HRC is, as ever, out to lunch.

note that hillary and obama go out of their way to insert the words “civil unions” when the california opinion distinctly rules that these are no longer the desirable goal. [all sic]

If there’s one homo you don’t want mad at you, it’s Larry Kramer.