Kris Allen Explains Why He Won: People Like Me More!

Kris Allen has all the markings of a humble singer who just happened to win America’s most important talent contest. And we believe the guy when he says he doesn’t exactly know why he beat Adam Lambert. But then there’s this reveal: “Probably my whole appeal appeals to more people than Adam’s does.” Then Lambert eyebrow-nods in agreement. (Yes, this is the same interview Lambert outs himself as a top.)

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  • Kerry Kolsch

    Kris is a delusional to suggest that people like him better or that he has more talent. Do you know how many in the entertainment industry favor Adam and are forced by the rules of Idol to deal with Kris? Kris is not the real deal. What is obvious is that AT&T has a conflict of interest between a fair Idol vote and one that is the most profitable for them. Every method of enhancing votes is supposed to be against the rules, and obviously 38 million votes were not thrown out. Idol had enough discretion within the rules to throw cheating votes out and they did not. Telescope Inc. is supposed to be the independent party overseeing the vote count but will not release information, so please do not claim a Kris victory is legitimate.

  • jackie

    No Kris, I like Adam more, much more.

  • VotedForHillary

    No Kris, AT&T liked you more.

  • PhDude

    I agree, the only two groups that liked Kris more were the K K K Kristian hate voters and AT & T. Switch to Sprint.

  • Ig

    Geez! Give it a rest, people, with all the ATT speculation. The story was false and retracted! Kris won fair and square, and by a huge margin! And it was NOT with ATT help. Kris does appeal to larger population of voters, it is not a statement meant to undermine Adam and his talent, it is just the truth of the matter for our society today. Please be respectful and let Kris enjoy his just win. Adam will be just fine and will succeed regardless of where he ended in AI.

  • UCB

    I think those who really love Adam won’t attack Kris like people above, who win Adam nothing but backlash. Both are talented; the fact is more Americans vote for Kris, that’s it.

  • ray

    Individually I have no doubt Adam has far more fans than Kris. They were all in on a contrived effort aided by no less than a major sponsor to cheat the rules of no power dialling

  • sara

    Kris at best should have come 4th. Danny, Allison and even Matt were far more talented than him. Won’t even bother to mention Adam, because Adam’s talent is in another stratosphere to the rest.

  • Alexa

    @Kerry Kolsch etc: Jesus. Give it a rest. I voted for Adam, I like him more, but Kris won, deal with it.

  • Ryan

    Well I liked Kris more. So I’m glad he won. What I don’t get is the constant and seemingly unending hateful back and forth from BOTH factions. It’s clear that Kris and Adam are good friends and probably want nothing more than success for one another. Why their respective fans can’t do the same is beyond me.

  • dgz

    @Ryan: i’m not surprised. it’s basically like musical sports. how many football hooligan brawls are there in Europe? this is made more complex by the contest’s subjective nature.

    @Ig: the story wasn’t retracted. AT&T has even offered an official apology. the story regarding 38 mil votes from arkansas WAS retracted, though.

    peeps need to relax, though. this controversy is good for both guys, and for the show. and there’s lots of ways to cheat the vote, e.g. DialIdol software, etc.

  • slider

    AT and T did the same thing the year Ruben Studdard allegedly beat Clay Aiken, with lame excuses of system malfunctions in busy signals etc. Does any one get a sense that good old AT and T is homophobic..I sure do!

  • Sceth

    I prefer Adam’s singing, but Kris is shorter, so he seems more f***able.
    Biased? Yes
    Irrational? Yes
    Deluded? Yes
    Downright Silly? Yes
    Lunies like me voted for Kris.

  • Nick

    I voted for Adam via text and received a text the next day stating; “Idol: Your votes for Kris were received.” I didn’t vote for Kris and I only voted for Adam once. Something fishy is going on here. I confirmed that my text was sent to 5701 as well.

  • HayYall

    That video would be a lot more interesting if they’d start making out or something.

  • Patrick

    Kris is hot….Adam is not…

  • MB

    @Sceth: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At least you’re honest about it :D

  • Kat

    I like Kris more. So does my gay brother. Not everyone in the country thought Adam was the second coming. I really like Adam but not as much as Kris musically. Kris is a real musician.

  • rigs

    Kris is cuter, that’s the main reason he won IMO.

  • Gogo

    @Kerry Kolsch:

    Once again the same tin foil crew has searched out articles concerning one of the sweetest and most humblest guys to appear on American Idol. Kris has shown that straight guys like Kris and gays like Adam can be great friends and loving to each other. Adam Lambert has said that Kris is his closest friend on the show yet a few kooks that claim to Adam Lambert fans are set out to destroy this boy Kris Allen. These same people, Kerry Kolsch and Phdude post the same exact thing on every comment concerning Kris Allen. They attack the closet friend Adam Lambert has on the show with hatred and ignorance and spam the same thing over and over.

    First Dial Idol shows that Kris Allen had edged out Adam Lambert. Dial Idol is very well known to every Idol fan. Dial Idol records busy signals of phone calls in a mass sampling of the general public who use Dial Idol. They don’t count text messaging and they showed that Kris was ahead of Adam in the finals.

    Second since they want to try about unfairness and the FCC. Simon Cowell is a Fremantle 19E and American Idol employee. The week before the finals Simon Cowell looked in the camera and told the viewing public to vote for Adam Lambert. Just incase these idiots who are crying foul and trying to destroy Kris Allen. THAT IS AGAINST FCC RULES. Simon is only supposed to judge contestants not endorse them and tell the viewing public to vote for them.

    But do these crying, whining and kavetching losers care…no. They want to tear down Kris Allen, Adam Lambert’s friend on American Idol and ex-roommate. The person that Adam hangs out with and they help each other. In their insane quest to destroy this nice shy boy they reveal that they are the most hateful persons around, yet in their sick minds they believe they are helping Adam, a person who loves Kris.

    So see it for what it is. These kooks go from news articles to news article about this sweet guy, Kris Allen, who is a friend of Adams, and try to destroy him in their ignorance.

  • Gogo

    Here is the proof that Dial Idol, which has nothing to do with text messaging, showed that Kris Allen had edged out Adam Lambert.

    Maybe these kooks will see that Kris won.

    Plus Simon was not supposed to endorse Adam that is against FCC rules.

    Just watching videos of Adam and Kris you can tell they really have a great loving friendship and these idiots who claim to be Adam fans want to destroy it. They are classless and clueless. Adam and Kris are the best of friends and show how a straight guy and gay person can be great friends, but these idiots want to destroy that bond with their idiocy.

  • ben

    I like Kris well enough but I don’t understand how he won over Adam. If you go to Kris’s official webpage and Adam’s right now, Kris has 51 users online and Adam has 461 users. I’ve seen fervent support for Adam but not for Kris pretty much everywhere on the net. That’s what makes it weird. Maybe it was the “casual voter”..or they just don’t like the internet in Kris-country.

  • AlwaysGay

    It is hard to believe a grown man can be adorable yet Kris Allen is. I want both to be successful but my focus is on Adam’s success. I am an Adam fan. Adam has a great shot at breaking down doors.

  • Ryan

    “Adam has a great shot at breaking down doors.”

    Yes. But his friendship with Kris, I think, is integral to at least part of him breaking doors. I mean look at Kris, this boy from Arkansas who is a church leader. And look at him get along with Adam! We need straight allies.

    But no. Let’s all just keep screaming about how Adam was robbed and how Kris is a talent-less hack that should’ve been eliminated and stoned or whatever. Yeah, that’s more productive.

  • Bad Touch Football

    No Kris, and Adam, I like TV with a plot more

  • Tony

    What he should be really saying is “More people like me because I am not a GAY….. He is kind of cute in that low I.Q. bibletard sort of way. Use once. Discard. Douche away. Buh-bye. She is no Kelly Clarkson.

  • Lou

    Kris is one sexy boy. Ben that isn’t true. I went to Kris Allen’s website and there are alot of people talking on there and many of them were gay. There are several Kris Allen sites not just one.

  • Lou

    Sorry, but I am not into “Auntie Maimes” like Adam Lambert. I like guys like Kris over Drag Queens. I see many straights are posting on gay sites about Adam losing. Go post on Adam fangirl sites.

  • ben

    lou, their official websites say how many people are currently online right on the front page. Adam’s page has nearly 10X as many.

  • MB

    @Lou: wow, so because you’re not into drag queens, Adam didn’t deserve to win? Way to be hateful and judgemental. I swear, I have never known a more self-hating community than this. Oh, but wait. You’re probably the kind of dick that doesn’t even want to consider drag queens as belonging to the same community as his sorry ass.

  • David

    I’m confused about why you’re rambling on about some music competition some week after it ended. Is it really that important for you complain about it each and everyday just because the gay guy got second place? Methinks there’s more important happenings, but hey what do I know!

  • wow


    Your writing loses some of its impact…you make the same random arguments never touching base in reality and never recognizing that the entire world doesn’t agree with you. The Mother ship has beamed and said that they would like you to come “home”. You perceive your comments to be “provocative” and “righteous”, but in reality you continue to make yourself look like an idiot. (This coming from someone who supports Adam Lambert. Get off the sugar buzz and go “home”

  • Rock

    Kris Allen on his frustration with Christians who wouldn’t accept Adam Lambert:

    “There [were all these rumors] about how all the conservative, Christian people that would vote for me hate Adam and never want him to win because of who he is. Oh, it was so frustrating—really bad, because we are really good friends. Why can’t everyone get along? It never made any sense for me to judge anyone, who they are.

    It frustrates me that people can’t get along with people because of their differences. And I’ll tell you what, especially Christians. Christians have a hard time accepting people like Adam—liberal, from L.A., looks different, maybe acts a certain way. He’s a great, great guy. They don’t even give him a chance. And it’s frustrating because I come from that. A lot of my friends are not that way, which I appreciate, but a lot of people in Arkansas or in the South or wherever are that way.

    We really hope that our relationship can be an inspiration to people. I could go on about that forever.”

  • Inukumaru

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  • Ricky

    Adam as top?

    Hmm didnt see that one coming.

  • Ronald

    @HayYall: I agree!

  • Jay Pat

    did he mean he likes to top? or likes A top?

  • ophu

    “What I don’t get is the constant and seemingly unending hateful back and forth from BOTH factions.”

    They can’t rest. So they can’t let it rest.

  • Phoenix (Bugger Off, Simon Cowell)

    Bah, who cares anyway? It’s not like Kris is going to come out of this a big star. Most of the other Idol winners haven’t. I thought Kris was cuter but generic and bland in that brain-washed “Good Christian” kind of way. Lambert had a more interesting personality, but only some of his choices are hit. An equal number are a miss. He’ll still probably go further than Kris.

    Not to say they don’t have singing talent but you need more than talent and looks to make it in that biz. Brains and personality count for something too.

  • Dr. Pedantic

    I can’t believe the continuing vile being spewed by Adam fans. He lost. Get over it. I thought early on that Adam would have a hard time winning because he is polarizing. Very few people are neutral about him. Adam of course has a better voice, but not everyone likes how he used it. I, for one, got sick of the theatrics and the sceraming. Adam is very talented and seems like an incredibly nice guy, but I, and millions of other people, happened to like Kris more. And people sell Kris short on talent. He writes his own songs, he is a brilliant interpreter of songs (we rarely saw from Adam the subtlety that was on of Kris’ hallmarks), and he plays several instruments, which is smoething we never saw Adam do.

    The ATT&T theories have been completely discredited, and I don’t believe the Christian conspiracy either. I am sure there were people who didn’t vote for Adam because he is gay, but I am also sure that many people voted for him because he is.

    Kris’ comment just means he appeals to a baoader base of people, adn that is true. John Mayer sells more CDs than Queen or Kiss does. And there’s nothing wrong with appealing to a broad base. This is a national show, and there’s no electoral college in AI, so it’s not surprising that the guy with a broader appeal, including appealing to conservatives, won over the flamboyant guy adored by the Coasts and the gays.

    I really wanted Kris to win, but would have been happy with an Adam win. I don’t understand how people whose lives are not changed ONE BIT by this are so worked up and hateful about this — especially when Adam himself is not.

    These are two nice kids who now have some great opportunities. Is it too much for ask for people just to calm down, wish them both the best, and get on with their lives?

  • Javier

    It might not be humble to say it, but Kris is right. Kris has much more widespread, mainstream appeal. He sings the type of music that is popular today, even is capable of singing hip hop credibly. Kris is goodlooking, but not too sexually charged. He is the cute dude next door who you trust to watch your house while you’re gone. Kris is very wholesome, very safe, very mainstream. Adam is talented, but he sings in a style that is not particularly popular today. His fashion sense is definitely not mainstream, and his melodramtic performance style is very offputting to many. Adam is more daring, but daring people turn many people off.

  • Jim

    These two are completely adorable together and it gives hope to the country about the relationship between Christians and gays. I’m serious. It might be reading too much into it, but they both could really set an example if they wanted to. What Kris said about how some Christians have a hard time with Adam is a great start.

  • schlukitz


    “These two are completely adorable together.”

    Ain’t that the truth. If it were not for the fact that Kris is straight, one would almost want to see the two of them become lovers. LOL

    They seem to have a lot of respect and admiration for each other and they do make a great looking couple together.

    Oh well…one can dream, can’t one?

  • thymekpr

    hey,I voted 500 freakin’ times for Adam, but I think this ended up being the best of all worlds. Adam is getting more press than he would have had he won, and the two of them are so appealing together out on the road. All Kris was saying is that his appeal is more universal (based on votes) which doesn’t upset Adam one bit: He has clearly stated he LIKES being different. Kris fans: enjoy Kris. He is obviously a great guy and will do just fine. Adam fans: we know we have been watching a superstar in the making. So…let’s all just get along and enjoy the ride.

  • PhDude

    @Kat: Sorry… Unless your supposed gay brother wants to perform some sexual acts with another male I am not buying it. The ONLY people that liked Kris were tone deaf K K K Kristians that voted for him because he was straight and had an adorable wife who registered for thongs at target for her wedding registry?! lol I noticed how many celebrities and people with acknowledged talent, who were not homophobic, were lining up to support Kris…. Adam was AMAZING. He should have won.

  • kittycomere

    Poor Kris, nobody is looking at him when he is sitting next to the fabulous we-can’t-take-our-eyes-off Adam. And when he opens his weird lopsided mouth, nobody is listening to him, because we’re glued to the inspiring hanging-on-his-every-word Adam.

  • hephaestion

    American Idol voting means nothing. You have lots of kids text messaging 7000 votes, and then you have Ma Kettle voting once, unaware that she can vote again. It is not balanced. It means nothing except that the winner has more fans with access to equipment that allows them to vote thousands of times per hour.
    It is not a vote that shows who is more popular.

    That said, who even cares who is more popular? Popularity usually indicates mediocrity. As Hegel said, “Best sellers are ill smellers.”

    I thank God Adam won’t have to record that God-awful “No Boundaries” song that they force the AI winner to record. Better Adam should be free to do his own thing.

  • schlukitz


    Very well said, Hephaestion. The whole voting process is so lop-sided and skewed as to make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Like trying to ascertain how many mosquitoes bit the victim before bringing on his death.

    I loved Hegel’s quote. Old G.W.F. was right on the money. I must make a note of it on my hhd. lol

  • sae

    gosh u guys r sooooooooooooooooo sore losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT KRIS ALLEN IS THE WINNER AND HE WON CUZ PPL VOTED FOR HIM MORE………….GOT IT??????????????????????????????

  • PhDude

    @sae: People voted for him because he was boring and hetero… the AI version of wonderbread. The K K K Kristians all lined up, AT&T helped and Adam voters couldn’t get through on lines for 4 hours solid. We see who all the headlines are about and we all know who the better singer is. Can you imagine eating wonderbread everyday of your life? Yuck! Adam is AMAZING! :)

  • Lou

    Type in PhDude and Kerry Kolsch in Google with Kris Allen’s name and you will see that they spam the same exact thing on very article about Kris Allen.

    So you can tell they are big losers and crying bitches. Actually many gay guys voted for Kris….lol

    cry whine and cry some more.


  • Lou

    Actually Kris and Adam are very close but these idiots are the ones trying to put a wedge between these two friends.

    So they are really homophobes in disguise.

  • Paul

    The look on Kris’ face when Adam says, “I like to top,” is priceless. It was instantaneous — nothing went “right over his head.” He realized what Adam said before Adam did. It’s obvious that 1) Kris isn’t naive and 2)they really are great friends.

    Kris may be St8. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of gay men don’t find him irrestible.

    I really enjoy his music. I wish him well!

  • PhDude

    @Lou: Name calling… Mature… I am entitled to my opinion and am entitled to state fact. The fact is that people did not vote for Adam because they suspected he was gay. The fact is that people voted for Kris because he was the good K K K Kristian boy from the South with a piece of hey sticking out of his mouth and an aw shucks attitude. I have serious doubts that gay men would have voted for Kris in any number unless of course they were suffering from internalized homophobia. Adam should have won… the only people that rave about Kris are those that want to make a dime off his girlish good looks (I agree with Adam he is cute).

  • emily

    Hahaha! I like the top. He likes his jacket to haha whoaa god i love you adam.

  • PhDude

    I agree I thought Kris sounded a little full of himself when he said he thought he won because people liked him more. He knew exactly what he was saying and the good thing about Kris was that he felt bad for it. Adam is AMAZING!! Kris knows it… so he must not be that delusional.

  • PhDude

    My appeal.. appeals to more people than Adam’s does… it even left Kris with a bad taste in his mouth after he said it.

  • Darcey

    I just head Adam sing Black or White on the rebroadcast of American Idol. Adam is by far the most talented singer. Everyone I know and talk to thinks so. I believe the question will be answered by the tour as to who is more popular and who has more fans. Kris will lose. I feel sorry for him because he has to sing after Adam.

  • me

    i think he won because the tweenage girls thought he was cuter. for once we agree, tweenage girls.

  • Jesse

    Didn’t even Kris say that “Adam deserves this.” when he was announced as the winner. He knew that his winning was a fluke

    Kris only started being at all exciting when he became room mates with Adam who was known for helping out his fellow Idols and giving advice, when asked. Sorry Kris’s arrangement of “She Works Hard for the Money” had Adam’s stamp on and everyone seemed to know it.

    Kris didn’t deserve to be in the Top 5 much less win. In the eight season history on American Idol no other “winner” had to drop their coronation song from live tour because they just couldn’t sing it.

    As much as I hate to say it the final two IMO should have been Danny and Adam.

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