Hanes officials apologized for their contentious “faggot” ad. Rather than taking it like “men,” however, they pinned it on their advertising agents: “The ads were developed by advertising agency McCann Erickson for their own purposes and did not receive authorized approval from Hanes brands. We regret this episode and are taking steps to assure that such an event never occurs again. We apologize to all those offended by the ads. We, too, were offended.” [Towleroad]

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  • Dawgson

    It was a really smart, challenging ad. I’m sorry it offended people who didn’t read deeper.

  • Mark Wickens

    What’s lame is that they apologized at all. There is nothing wrong with the ads.

  • Jabba

    I also found this ad to be a rather deep and beautiful, more like a piece of art. I do not feel that “faggot” here was used in a hateful way.

    It is a moniker in a collage of the various exciting and challenging, sometime difficult, and beautiful things about being sexually different. I love how the “normal” looking person is dragging this beast of history and identity behind him. Its just a beautiful statement.

    I wish they would put this ad into the public sphere, but alas, i doubt we’re ready for that….

  • Marky Mark

    Only after examining the ad closely did I get the sublime intelligence. Kudos to the creator(s)for coming up with a sophisticated and thought provoking way to sell tightie whities. Too bad the decision makers(read pussies)at Hanes not only canned it, but also felt compelled to apologize. Do they think gay men are so fucking PC, humorless, uptight, and/or dense to miss the point of the ad? I can’t help it, but I see some irony in this. Not yet sure why, but I do.

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