Lance Bass Gives Britney Spears Too Much Credit

It’s a meeting of the minds in this week’s HX when journo Lawrence Ferber faces off with former boy bander Lance Bass.

In addition to discussing Bass’ new role in Hairspray, the politics of outing and Bass’ recently released memoir, the boys also find time to talk Britney:

Ferber: Ever say to yourself, Oh, Britney?

Bass: [Laughs] Yeah. I think that’s just the typical thing to say every day when you wake up and read AOL news page. You have to admit it’s entertaining. I always hope she’s just doing it as a joke and we’re all going to be Punk’d in a couple of years–like, “You know all that stuff I did, it was all a joke!” I think she’s been doing this documentary for years, where she’s like, “Today I’m going to shave my head and see if they buy it!”

Yes, wouldn’t that be nice? We’d love for Britney to shout, “Fooled y’all!”

Unfortunately, the idea of Britney Spears possessing a shred of sanity seems pretty implausible. What’s more, we seriously doubt that girl has the imagination and ingenuity to pull off such elaborate feats without the aid of some internal turmoil.