Laura Ingraham’s Brilliant Solution To The Trans Bathroom ‘Issue’: Adult Diapers!

On her radio show this week, conservative host Laura Ingraham weighed in on the trans bathroom “issue” by offering what she thought was a pretty hilarious solution.

“Oh, we have a new transgender update for you, as well,” Ingraham said, somewhat incoherently. “Oh, no new transgender news for all of you who are bathroom-goers and public–you use public restrooms?”

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She continued: “I think a lot of people are going to be walking around with just Depends on from now on. They’re just not going to use the bathroom. Adult diapers, diapers for everybody!”

But her passé transphobic potty humor didn’t stop there.

“No one’s going to be going to the bathroom,” she blabbered on. “You have little kids, there’s going to be no bathrooms. We’re just going to all wear Depends! Everyone will just be happy!”

Are you finished yet, Laura?

Nope! Not yet!

The 53-year-old grown woman (with a gay brother, mind you) kept on running her mouth…

“Then you’ll be in your own bathroom,” she laughed. “Everyone’s bathroom is just their own clothes, OK? So this is what we’re going to go to!”

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