attempted murder

Did Laurie Kalberg Try To Kill Her Girlfriend Over A Dead Cat?

Laurie Kalberg (pictured) turned herself in to Alaska State Troopers last week on charges of attempting to kill her live-in girlfriend of two years Susan Frewin, who told police Kalberg, 46, “assaulted her and shot at her with a revolver after they had been drinking alcohol at their home in Anchor Point.” Yikes. What set off the New Year’s Day attack? A dead kitty, supposedly.

Chaffin’s affidavit said Kalberg initially became upset because one of Frewin’s tenants killed her cat several months earlier. When Frewin observed her girlfriend becoming increasingly agitated, she locked herself in the bathroom, as Kalberg had attacked her in the past. After kicking down the bathroom door to get to Frewin, Kalberg allegedly proceeded to hit and kick her girlfriend, eventually slamming her head against the bathtub. She then left the bathroom and smashed a television screen and drinking glass while continuing to yell at Frewin. When Kalberg made her way back to the rear bedroom near the bathroom, she produced a Taurus .357-caliber revolver and stood at the foot of the bed, while Frewin was situated at the head. According to the affadavit, “Kalberg pointed the handgun at Frewin’s head and then stated that she was going to kill Frewin and then kill herself. “Frewin closed her eyes and Kalberg fired one shot with the handgun, which struck a window above Frewin’s head.”

Kalberg pleaded not guilty on six felony counts and three misdemeanor charges. She’s being held without bail until her May trial because, you know, she allegedly tried to kill someone.

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