Lesbian Family Gets Harassed At Texas State Fair

UPDATE: Pennington and Morse have been notified that the man who confronted them will no longer be working at the fair and that the Fellowship would send them a personal apology. Additionally, a rep from the Texas State Fair has sent them free tickets for another visit.


Last weekend, partners Latisha Pennington and Dondi Morse thought it’d be a hoot to take their 7-year-old daughter to the Texas State Fair. They figured they’d pet some animals, ride a few rides and scarf down some cotton candy. They didn’t expect, however, to be subjected to a homophobic rant from a religious nut. 

As the Dallas Voice reports, the women and their daughter were called over by a vendor from Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. “Hey, come here, come here. I got something for you. Got a couple of questions,” Pennington recalled he said, before he asked if she would take $1 million for her right eye.

Before she could answer the man, Pennington said he had another, more disturbing inquiry: “Would you take $1 million for your soul?” His spiel soon turned ugly, as he asked “What do you think will happen to your soul when you die?” He answered his own question: “I know what’s going to happen to your soul. You’re going to hell for being a homosexual.”

The man began “slinging biblical quotes at us,” Pennington says, leading their young daughter to break into tears and the family to flee the fair. The whole incident took probably less than two minutes but Pennington said it left them all shaken. “Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.”

According to its website, the Fellowship’s mission is “to reach men everywhere for Jesus Christ” and “to mentor young men who have never had positive male role models by being a spiritual father to them.

Hmm, nothing about verbally assaulting lesbians. Maybe that’s in the bylaws.