Lesbian Sex Tapes, Siriano Clones and Other Dirt From The New Season Of Project Runway

Gunnar Deatherage, 21

Remember when Christian Siriano popped up in Season Four and he was, like, sooo annoying and full of himself—but he pulled a crapload of talent out of his ass and blew everyone away? This kid, we’re thinking, not so much. Seriously, is that even his real name? It sound like the lead singer of a Norwegian death-metal band, not an Aveda hairdresser who cites Lady Gaga as his style icon. “Gunnar” says menswear is his weak spot so we totally predict he’ll go down in a challenge that demands the designers create a three-piece suit that can double as maternity wear for Heidi. (C’mon, like she won’t be pregnant again by the end of season.)