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Leslie Jordan Explains Starbucks Altercation: “It Was Sweet Iced Tea, Not Coffee!”

1264190_716322965061153_1832777444_oI was hoping to remain silent on the incident at Starbucks but somehow the story found legs and has made its way into the press. I feel I owe my friends an explanation:

Truth be told it was sweet iced tea, not coffee. I am a ‘sweet’ mannered Southern boy who was taught not to start a fight. Nobody ever told me I could not end one. I refused to sit and watch these hate crimes continue. I guess our work for equality is not done yet!

I’m being hailed a hero which is all well and good but I lost my temper. My heroes in life always kept their cool.”


Leslie Jordan in message posted to his Facebook page to address the recent scuffle with homophobic young men who shouted gay slurs at the patrons of a Starbucks in West Hollywood