Lifetime Gives Reality Show To Exorcist Who Expels Gay Demons

On Halloween night, Reverend Bob Larson will be the star of his own Lifetime Television reality show, The Real Exorcist, which follows Larson as he rids hapless souls of evil demons. Larson has already shilled his spiritual snake oil everywhere from Oprah and Anderson Cooper to SyFy Channel.

Normally we’d rank this with paranormal-investigation shows and forget about it—but a rather chilling clip has surfaced of Larson performing an exorcism on man beset by a “gay” demon.

After getting his subject to “admit” he committed homosexual acts, Larson repels the incubus, who sounds suspiciously like a bitchy drag queen we once knew in Baltimore. In honesty, though, we can’t really laugh at this ridiculous charade, knowing there are thousands of gays and lesbians subject to similar experiences against their will.

Once the exorcism is over, Larson addresses his audience: “I pray in the name of Jesus for those who may be battling sexual feelings of lust and pornography and lesbianism and homosexuality.”

Isn’t Lifetime the network for women and gay men? Don’t they air Project Runway, Dance Moms and Drop Dead Diva? Who do they think is watching this stuff—not Pentecostal Christians who think Heidi Klum is the Whore of Babylon.

Maybe Lifetime is just keeping Larson on retainer to exorcise the demons from Liz & Dick star Lindsay Lohan?

The Real Exorcist airs Wednesday, October 31st at 11pm on Lifetime.