But Still Stand For "Homosexual Rights"

‘Lions For Lambs’ Website Considers “Gay” Profane

The Robert Redford directed politics flick Lions For Lambs launched its website by asking visitors “What do you stand for?” And, as you can see, they’re not standing for “gay”. The site does approve, however, of “lesbian,” “homosexual rights” and “homophobia”. How queer.


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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Robert Redford’s liberal personna, in my opinion, has always been flavoured with the LDS background.
    It is not by accident that Park City UT is the venue. Despite its non-Mormon history (yes I do know the history), the code word ” HOMOSEXUAL” is a perjorative in the mouths of homophobes and bigots. It speaks to choice, to sex, and not to love and its many expressive acts beyond conjugation.

    When you go beyond these contradictions, and sops to the other side, I still support Redford’s continuous advocacy for whatever motivates him…altruism or monetary or both.

  • Dawster

    it reminds me of Jim Naugle (Ft. Lauderdale) who stated he doesn’t like to use the term “gay” because most homosexuals are not happy.

    when did “gay” become profane? i’m happy, colorful, vibrant. if this was 1890 i would be dancing in fountains and snorting cocaine. if it was 1990… well… nevermind.

    technicalities over linguistics are best left to those who can’t actually come up with a legitimate argument. I tried out the website and got the same response “check your submission for profanity”. so now my happiness is profane. nice.

  • dizzyspins

    this is another case of jumping the gun–if you read the response box when you post a “cause” you support, it says “check back to see if it has been approved.” So just because “homophobia” doesn’t get flagged by the search engine, it doesnt mean the site editors will approve it. For gods sake, it was obviously an attempt to prevent people from writing “tittie-fucking yo mama” or other things–not a deliberate attack on gays. JESUS, cant you people learn to save your energy for the real attacks and not shoot your wad at ever perceived slight?!

    Besides, -there are people who are fighting against us and our rights. If a broad question like “what do you stand for” is asked of the general public, i would expect to see lots of answers I disagree with

  • Brandon85

    I don’t think there was ill intent either. I guess some people just prefer to use that term (maybe it rolls off their tongue in a pleasant way…who know?) but I personally don’t care for it. I avoid using it as much as possible.

  • chris

    it did approve fuck u tho

  • Brandon85

    I couldn’t get through with that, Chris.

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