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LISTEN: Is Jackass‘ Steve-O An Honorary Gay?

The Six Pack
is an interactive podcast hosted by Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin featuring guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics and pop culture, and lively debate from a modern gay perspective.

The Six Pack 78: French Lessons

What’s on this week’s episode?

*Jackass veteran and professional wild child Steve-O visits the studio. He dishes dirt on the The Roast of Charlie Sheen, getting his schnoz broken Mike Tyson and shares his impressive knowledge of bears, otters and other gay wildlife. The boys even dub him an honorary gay. (Given how many thing’s he’s stuffed in his orifices, “honorary” might be uneccessary. We kid, we kid!)


*Plus: MTV Act’s Jose Iniguez discusses the network’s philanthropic arm, the fall TV season is a mixed bag, Grindr goes hetero, someone’s stealing pigs, and more!


* Ben and Dave have a big announcement: You can now catch them on SiriusXM‘s OutQ channel 108, every Saturday, from 1-3 pm EST. Adjust your satellite and tune in for some live fun. (But be sure to still check in here every Thursday for the Six Pack!)


Dave Rubin is a stand-up comedian, TV personality, and blogger. Ben Harvey is a radio DJ, TV personality and event producer responsible for the monthly Gumbo party in New York City. E-mail the show at [email protected].

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  • Chad

    This is a pointless article/podcast.

    Stev-O of Jackass is Hetero, and not honorary of anything except making a public spectacle of yourself on TV and in a movie.

  • Cam

    So he’s an honorary gay because ….why now?

    Not really sure why this article is here.

  • Vinny

    Why can’t Steve O just be a non-bigoted, non-homophobic, comfortable-with-his-sexuality straight guy, who is also a friend and ally to the gay community? Honorary Gay…really? And we wonder why we’re not taken seriously sometimes.

  • Red Meat

    Wow these gays in the comment section can’t catch a joke, uptight faggotsticks.

  • Cam

    @Red Meat:

    Hmm, guess that comment makes you an honorary straight girl.

  • rhenaiya

    nice how they mock intersexed/trans people, thanks queerty. This article was relevent how? knobs

  • steve

    This post just makes me think of how hilarious Amy Schumer is…

  • carpinteyroasa

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  • linwenty

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