Literally, The Material Girl

After a divorce saga that included rumors of sleeping with Alex Rodriguez, and what ultimately ended up with a quicky legal split, Madonna is wise to rapidly shift focus away from her personal affairs and on to something more … consumerist. Enter Louis Vuitton, which Ms. Sticky & Sweet is said to be shooting a campaign for, joining the ranks of Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, and Catherine Deneuve in the brand’s relaxed-yet-stylized campaign.

[FMD via LARM]

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  • fredo777

    I don’t blame her.

    A-Rod is sexy. Plus, he wears baseball pants, which is instant hotassness.

  • Ray

    when is that brand going to jump the shark?!

  • Cam

    Look, I hate to say it, it is such an obvious joke but here goes…

    Hmm, a leather company wants Maddona’s face for their campaigns? How appropriate. :::clap Clap Clap::: Thank you, i’ll be here all night.

  • Tim

    Madonna is wise to shift the focus away from her so-called music. Ack. Hang it up already.

  • michael

    I loved last years campaign. My hubby and I were in Vienna and
    there was a huge board in front of the Vuitton store off the Ringstrasse. It featured Gorbachev and was really provocative in
    a way Madonna could never achieve. Also, the new Damier Graphite collection is excellent and its only being done for men.
    Madonna just does not have the image of class that Vuitton evokes,
    she’s more D&G or Versace, kinda Euro trash vibe, which is cool but not Vuitton.

  • afrolito

    Madonna perfectly represents the luxury image of Louis Vuitton. She’s an icon, and the brand is an icon. Perfect fit. I’m sure the 10 million she’s reportedly being paid doesn’t hurt either.

    Why so much Madonna hate from the old jealous queens here??

  • Marc

    I know !
    I think I read one that said Gorbachev and provocative in the same sentence.

    Bwawahahahahahahha! !!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s some funny shit you could never make up, I swear!

    Long live Madonna!

  • Tony

    LOL, Good one Cam. Joke was obvious, but it’s all in the delivery.

  • Tony

    LOL, Good one Cam. Joke was obvious, but it’s all in the delivery.

  • michael


    provocative, Noun, provocative (plural provocatives), Anything that is provocative; a stimulant; as, a provocative of appetite.

    provocative, Adjective, provocative (comparative more provocative, superlative most provocative)

    Serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; exciting.

    Now, maybe in the trailer park from whence you came the word “provocative” is only understood as a woman who attempts to force her skanky vagina upon society. Outside of that world there are many more things that are “provocative” than a tired old 1980’s gimmick to make oneself a success. But thank you for making my case as you are exactly the type that she appeals to. Not the well heeled, elegant and comfortable in their own skins set that Vuitton usually appeals to. Madonna may be an icon, but so are flip flops.

  • emmy

    Didn’t she just earn paycheques for endorsing Versace, Gap, H&M and now Vuitton?

    Living in a material world indeed — or is it LV-ing in a material world?

  • Marc

    oooooooh, there goes Michael again with his ASSumptions. God you are a knob! I’m only assuming though?

    Is this where I say TOUCHE?

    I’m a fan of Madonna, that’s why I read the article. I don’t read articles about things that I’m not interested in, unlike you, or just can’t wait to spit out some garbage about.

    Please, please, please tell us all besides the SEX book, when did Madonna “force” her, did you say skanky?, vagina on society?

    You have shown your true colours as well Michael, a stuck-up, “better than you”, gay guy

    You are right, I’d rather have a beer with a meat and potatoe eater anyday than sip cosmos and gab about sex and the city or WHATEVER the Christ it is that you find “well-heeled” enough to talk about.

    Funny you mention flip-flops, just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii and flip flops were all the rage!

    It’s obvious you’re not a fan, but frothing at the mouth to cut at her, WHY?

    Go fuck yourself, pretty please?

  • Chris

    Oh, boo hoo hoo, Michael. Get off your soap box and crawl back under your rock. Nobody gives a shit about you.

  • Marc

    I have a weird feeling that his last name is Throssell and he works for a phone company.

  • boytroy

    Now that we know Madonna is traveling with her boy toy of the previous year I find myself relieved. I never bought into her whole
    new identity as Madonna Kabbalah. Like a dog returning to its vomit Madonna has returned to who she really is. She gave the whole pseudo royalty thing a shot but she did not have the class to
    pull it off. Its good to know that she’s still the same phony person
    she has always been. I think her stint will help sell fake LV products as it is that type of person that looks up to her.

  • Mike

    That’s almost the douchiest comment since Michael.

    Nice try dumbass.

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