Log Cabin Republicans Enlist Neocon Pundit Tucker Carlson To Drum Up Cash

Was Roy Ashburn booked? On Sept. 22 at the Log Cabin Republicans annual (fundraising) dinner at the The Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C., former MSNBC host and creator Tucker Carlson will entertain the crowd with jokes about taunting Keith Olbermann and screwing over other reporters.

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  • sam

    I wonder if he’ll share his HILARIOUS story about beating up a guy who ‘bothered’ him in a mensroom.


    Gimmie a freaking break! Tucker Carlson??? Really??? What, everytime someone makes a donation his bow-tie spins????

  • AlanReeser

    You couldn’t pay me enough money to listen to that bow-tie wearin’ pussy.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I wonder if he will tell the story about how he beat the shit out of a gay guy that he thought came on to him in a park..and that he called a friend to help him beat the shit out of the guy……

    I heard him tell this story on his MSNBC show and he was laughing about it with Dan Abrams.

    This homophobic closet case is not friend to the gay community.

  • Baxter

    At least Tucker Carlson says he’s in favor of gay marriage. There are far more objectionable people attending that fund raiser, including Sen. John Cornyn who gets a 0% rating from the HRC.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I sometimes wonder if the HRC were rating the HRC if they would give themselves a zero.

  • dfrw

    Who knew that Tucker Carlson was so popular with the gays. Oh wait….

  • Devon

    Normally I’d be outraged that an outspoken bigot like Tucker Carlson was invited to speak at a gay event, but then I remembered it’s gay republicans. Frankly the surprising thing would be if those guys weren’t inviting a raging homophobe to one of their get-togethers.

  • sharon falconer

    @sam: HE didn’t beat up the guy. He went a got a GROUP to help him beat up a gay guy.

  • Jeffree

    Tucker Carlson is probably one of those rare cases where neither the Gays, the Str8s, the Bis or the Transfolk want him rooting for our “team.”

    Sorry, Tuckster, you’re on your own, boo.

  • Sonny

    “Free of an agenda – except that far left, ignorant one.” If LCR cured cancer you pricks would somehow find fault with it.

  • Baxter

    @Sonny: While that’s usually true, in this case I think LCR has made some truly stupid decisions that completely undermine its message.

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