Dandies, Deserts And Dresses: 7 Trends From London Men’s Fashion Week

Desert Warrior


Lee Roach, Christopher Raeburn and KTZ  weren’t thinking about the beach but they certainly had some sand on the brain with these desert-ready designs.

KTZ, though, took it a step further, mixing influences from Lawrence of Arabia to Muammar Gaddafi and the Ninja Turtles for a serving of Mortal Kombat realness:


Flawless victory.

Photos: The Fashionisto/…and Mortal Kombat

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  • Taliaferro

    Yuck! Obviously these are meant more to provoke than be worn. Something awful has happened to men’s fashion in the past few decades and it should be stopped. Men need not all look like carbon copies of each other but these outfits are just plain silly!

  • Mofdgheb


  • Bozen

    Contemporary fashion is such a joke
    I can’t believe these people get paid

  • ShowMeGuy

    Now that we have London Mens Fashion Week out of the way, we can all get back to REAL fashion trends.

  • yaoming

    This isn’t serious, is it? Who would wear this trash… and where?

  • iMort

    These Designers are bored, not even good visually.

  • PSPoolside

    Oh yes, bring back the cabana awning kaftan. Why do the British insist men look like such twits?

  • Paul F

    The outfit on the title page far right looks like the designer took his daddies clan robe and cut off the sleeves and hood. #6 far right looks like a nazi concentration camp uniform with some extra material added on to soften the blow. The only thing that excited me was the MODEL on #2 wearing the “Mr. Cool” T-shirt. Long hair and a beard, my kind of man, yum! This whole mess of dreck reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where the men made outfits of feed bags and a set of old dresser drawers and convinced the wives that it was “high fashion”. After they let them in on the joke, the women threw them away only to be found by the fashion industry which proclaimed them to be the next new thing. Now men are expected to fall for this same shit (and shit it is) and be willing to pay a fortune to look rediculous in public. Sorry but this crap could only be worn on Halloween without people rolling in the streets with laughter. It makes me glad I’m a nudist. If it hasn’t fallen to shreds and shows my “naughty” bits in public and I still like it, I’ll wear it. The only time I was in fashion was by accident when “grunge” was the rage. I had one guy ask me for my cutoffs that I had kept in semi-repair by sewing bandannas into the holes and rips on the inside surface. I had to retire them when I could no longer keep from dangleing out the pant legs any more…underwear??Just another layer of useless cloth I don’t need nor want to spend money on. Any time some slave of fashion comments on my dress (or lack there of) I point out the New Guinea natives who wear a gourd over thier “parts” as correct dress or the Massi warriors who wear cow shit and mud in thier hair as the height of fashion. To each their own and wear what YOU like and screw the rest.

  • david624

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of that crap-god awful ugly masking cute boys
    that someone gets paid for this crap is crazy

  • B Damion

    Ok this psych ward chique? Who in the hell can pull these looks off besides the male models? This is crazy.

  • Buzzct

    These ‘fashion statements’ are pure crap!! Besides being UGLY, they inspire homophobic people to comment, ‘only the gay crowd would wear this stuff,’ making them anti-gay as well.

  • Jbaltes

    I am all for fashion and edginess, but these are absurd! For a costume party, maybe…but in most guys’ “everyday life”- these would be bizarre!

  • amiurume

    Would I could; I would wear any of the androgynous fashions. I love them and think
    that London is way far in front of us in new fashion trends

    Come on GUYZ. America is so head strong about what is nouveau

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