PHOTOS: Channing Tatum Wears A Harness, Shows Off Biceps

Channing Tautum walks to the 'Jupiter Ascending' set

Who knew Channing Tatum was a leather daddy? We certainly had no idea but these photos of him on the set of Jupiter Ascending sure do get the imagination flowing. While the sci-fi film is reportedly about a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, we wouldn’t mind if they included a scene at The Eagle. If Where The Bears Are can solve crimes there certainly the Magic Mike star can rough a guy up at the bar. Sadly though, we have to wait until July of next year to find out how all this leather is put to use.

Channing Tautum walks to the 'Jupiter Ascending' set

Channing Tautum walks to the 'Jupiter Ascending' set

Channing Tautum walks to the 'Jupiter Ascending' set

[Photos: SplashNews.com]

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  • Ron Jackson

    errr…he’s lookin’ kinda fat there.

  • J with da tea

    If you look really close, you can see that it is one of those fat suit things.

  • J with da tea

    And I think he kinda looks like a younger more fit brother of Phillip Seymour Hoffman lol

  • Katbox

    @J with da tea: But he’s always been kind of flabby.
    I honestly don’t see the attraction to this guy AT ALL. He’s plain/boring to me.

  • litper

    fat and ugly

  • fredo777

    He’s hot, as usual. But, there is something odd about his hair/coloring in these shots. He looks kind of…dusty. Makeup issues?

  • Ben

    What a bunch of vapid queens in the comment section. “He’s fat and ugly” Yeah, well I’m sure you’re ugly and alone.

  • balehead

    He hawt…..and you’re not…..

  • JustSayin

    Never was much of anything hot about him -except in that very, very early video of him stripping. Now there is clearly nothing remotely hot about him.
    And just FYI, I AM HOT AS HELL, and MARRIED to the same loving man for 13 years.
    Just because you offer a realistic assessment (i.e. fat and ugly) of SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE some hottie (I would NEVER say anything like that about just an average Joe)does not mean you are jealous, or unattractive yourself.

  • fredo777

    @JustSayin: Hot is subjective, but I’d be willing to guess that there are lots more people who’d think Channing was hot than would say the same about you (if they’d seen both).

  • palmergloria

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  • JustSayin

    @fredo777 You’re on. Not a chance in hell…. and I have the body/face modeling portfolio (and print and runway jobs) to prove it…

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