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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Just hope there isn’t a sale at Abercrombie and Fitch on that day!

  • emb

    DON’T GET COMPLACENT! There’s a lot of time between now and Nov 4, and we need to behave as if those numbers are reversed. (But still, thanks for the nice news!)

  • Jaroslaw

    beat me to it EMB – I hope the RR respondents aren’t lying to the pollsters to change the numbers!

  • JJ

    If this poll is accurate its no thanks to that tightwad Ellen DeGeneres, who has not contributed any money to the effort to defeat the ban, even though she has ample surplus money (see Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg) and even though she has been able to marry the love of her life during a possible window of opportunity.

    Go and vote please do not necessarily believe these polls.

  • Kid A

    Sadly, chances are that they might be. But at least they’re lying because they know it’s the “right” thing to do.

  • Jeremy

    I second EMB’s comment: don’t get complacent. The other side has barely started campaigning, and they have significantly more money than us. When they start with the lawn signs and TV ads (which should happen very soon), the currently reported numbers will get much closer. I’ve been doing phone banking for No on 8 every week, calling hundreds of “undecided” voters. From that, I can tell a) you that there are a lot of voters who aren’t going to give pollsters a reliable answer, b) the wonderful, supportive people I have spoken to agree that the proposition is unfair but they aren’t particularly passionate about the issue, and c) the nasty, venomous people I have talked to are . . . uh . . . nasty and venomous and quite passionate about voting for this proposition.

  • Jennifer

    They will not prevail. This will be their Armageddon and it will be worse than Scopes, by a long shot.


  • Jaroslaw

    just kidding but Jeremy you third it – I’ve already seconded it. :)

  • Jeremy

    Yeah–my boss called right before I clicked submit, so the comment sat in my browser for a little longer than originally expected ;-)

  • John

    Californians… you do realize that can actually vote against Prop. 8 right now, right?

    There’s no reason to wait for November 4 (and that ill-timed Abercrombie and Fitch sale). If you know who you’re voting for in the presidential race, then go ahead and send those absentee ballots into your county officials.

    It is not like California is competitive in the national race anyhow. Newsweek, CNN, NPR, CQ, and just about every other news organization has the Golden State’s 55 electoral votes rated as: “Safe Democrat.”

  • AladinSane

    My Mom called recently to tell me that a “gentleman” knocked on her door asking her to support prop 8. She quickly told him to get his “hate filled trash” out of her face and off her property, then promptly slammed the door. Go Mom!

  • greybat

    I like your mom. I won’t buy boy scout cookies, either.

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