Lukas Ridgeston, Mason Wyler and More: Five Awesome Adult Film Comebacks

Everyone loves a good comeback. Even better is a good porn comeback.

Adult film superstar Lukas Ridgeston recently made his comeback after an eight year hiatus. Forever Lukas was released last month to rave reviews. This got us thinking of other porn stars who have mounted comebacks over the years, some more successfully than others. Some of these guys, in fact, have made more comebacks than Brett Favre.

Scroll down to see five famous second acts.

Lukas Ridgeston

The talented Mr. Ridgeston retired from the adult film industry back in 2005 at the top of his career. Earlier this year, BelAmiOnline (most definitely, NSFW) announced the blue-eyed Slovak stud muffin would be returning in Forever Lukas.

The film was released on October 23 and features five different condom-free scenes (tsk, tsk) shot in HD with some of Bel Ami’s biggest current stars. So far the film has proven to be quite a hit, with many fans clamoring for more. Let’s face it — he may well look better at 40 than he did as a twink.

Here’s wishing Ridgeston many happy returns.

Jeff Stryker

Once upon a time, Jeff Stryker was all in the rage, appearing in dozens of gay and straight adult films during the mid ’80s and early ’90s. He was famous for barking well-written lines such as “Suck that d***!” or “Eat that ass!” at bottoms. John Waters even went so far as to call him “the Cary Grant of porn.” The man was so popular that a dildo was fashioned from a cast of his penis.

By the mid ’90s, however, the novelty of Stryker has worn off and his career was on the decline. And by 1997 he was pretty much over.

In 2001, he attempted a resurgence in Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time, but by then the porn public had apparently moved on. Stryker mounted a stage career by performing in a solo act A Sophisticated Evening With Jeff Stryker. When that didn’t work, he turned to appearing in a commercial for a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney. Today he’s pretty much fallen into obscurity, but he still maintains a NSFW website with pictures and videos of himself in his prime.

Turk Mason

Turk Mason started doing porn in 2004 and quickly developed a reputation for being a power bottom tattooed “muscle twink.” He appeared in a number of gay, bi, and transexual adult films with some of the adult film industry’s biggest A-listers.

In 2008, Mason retired from porn after meeting a man and deciding to settle down. After they broke up, he launched his website,, then started making adult films again, shooting his first comeback scene with the one-and-only Tommy Defendi for (NSFW).

He has since retired yet again, though he still performs as a gogo dancer in San Francisco and does random speaking gigs. We’re looking forward to his next career comeback.

Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon started doing gay porn in the late ’80s after ending his marriage to come out of the closet. He went on to become one of the biggest names in gay porn, famous for his lean body and massive 9-inch member nicknamed “Monster.”

Then he started doing meth and his career went to shit.

He attempted comebacks in 1999, 2003, and 2008, but each one was short lived and ended with Brandon relapsing.

In 2011, he got his act together, quit drugs, and returned to porn. Only this time he took a seat behind the camera, producing and directing films. He also hooked up with Product 54 to help market their signature 9X6 Pure Silicone Lube.

Mason Wyler

All-American boy toy Mason Wyler made his porn debut in 2006’s Riding Hard. He went on to star in several more films, earning praise for his mad bottoming skills.

In 2010, Wyler announced he was HIV positive and would be retiring from the porn industry. Months later, he made a brief revival, appearing in a bareback scene for RawFuckClub.

The comeback was short lived, however. A few months after the video hit the web, Wyler announced he was done with porn for good, writing a “certificate of death” on his blog. He hasn’t been seen or heard from very much since, although his official Twitter page says he’s now a “gay husband,” proof that happily ever after really can come true.

At least until the next comeback.