Lying Liar Peter LaBarbara’s Latest Lies Are About Gay Parents

peter labarberaHere is some news that will shock no one: sputtering dishrag Peter LaBarbera has made more antigay statements.

This time it was to Alan Colmes on the radio, which is a noisemaking device used to keep old people company.

Colmes asked, “is the child better with two parents of the same gender or a one-parent household?”

“I don’t know,” LaBarbera said, but then answered the question anyway. “I tend to think they’d be better off in a single-parent household because you’re not modeling homosexual behavior.”

Aaaaaaaaaaahh so much crazy in one little sentence! First of all, what on Earth are you talking about, you insane farting tuba. What do you mean, “modeling homosexual behavior.” Is this some coy reference to sex? Do you think gay parents just wander the house giving blowjobs in front of the kids?

Or are you simply talking about a man in a committed relationship with another man? Because every single reputable medical organization that could possibly have a position on this topic has said that gay parents are great. The end.

Oh, and he goes on: “When you have two men raising a young child, that child grows up learning dysfunction and a sexual perversion as normal.”

Again, what does this even mean. Does Peter really think that gay parents sit their kids down and explain the mechanics of their sex lives? Or is he just talking about gay parenting in general, which, again, all doctors agree is perfectly fine.

And for crying out loud, being gay is normal. How is it 2014 and there are still radio hosts willing to pretend that people like Peter LaBarbera deserve any attention?

Oh also Peter said on the show that he wants us all to be punished for being gay, so that’s fun.

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