MA Student Gets Punched For Writing Anti-Prop 8 Editorial In Campus Newspaper

We’re pretty used to getting harangued and even pelted with eggs, but we’ve never been physically assaulted by unhappy readers (yet). Sadly, Destinie Mogg-Barkalow, a contributor to Bridgewater State University’s student newspaper, The Comment, can’t say the same.

In Wednesday’s edition of The Comment, Mogg-Barkalow wrote a opinion piece celebrating the recent court ruling on California’s Proposition 8. The following evening, she was allegedly approached by two students in the campus parking lot and attacked.

As The Comment reports:

The couple, who were presumably students, asked if she had written the article advocating gay marriage that appeared in this week’s paper. When Mogg-Barkalow, who is gay, confirmed that she was the author, the female punched her. Mogg-Barkalow told police her assailants headed in the direction of East Campus after they hit her, while she went to the Comment offices where other staff members were meeting.

Local police are treating the incident as a hate crime and, while some corners have raised suspicions that the incident may be a hoax, Mogg-Barkalow’s friends and colleagues have expressed their outrage.

“This is my third year on the Comment, my fourth year on a college newspaper and I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Editor-in-Chief Mary Polleys said. “I’m extremely disappointed with the members of the campus community who chose to physically assault a writer.”

A rally will be held on campus tomorrow.

Source: Towleroad. Photos: Bridgewater State University