Mad Crabb Takes On “Gay” Education

It’s been a few months since we heard from our favorite insane twat, Madeline Crabb (pictured, looking as outdated as her arguments). We were beginning to get worried, actually, for her haterific, nonsensical rants had become our favorite part the Alan Keyes-endorsed conservative website, Renew America.

We were just about to send out a search party when we found an article in which old Crabbie takes on the so-called ‘sexualization” of America: an insidious homo plot being hatched in our blessed nation’s public schools, where parents have been butting heads with administrators over whether or not kids need to know the facts of gay life.

Not surprisingly, Crabb thinks not. And, what’s more, it’s time to fight back. Lucky us…

Employing her inimitably inflammatory and irrational style, Crabb shrieks:

Since when is it so vitally important to teach about something that is practiced by so few people? And doesn’t the teaching of homosexuality create an atmosphere of curiosity causing a supposed growing number of GLBTQ students? Don’t we understand that this is the plan? Indoctrinate the children, as early as kindergarten. By the time they are in high school they will be totally accepting of this so-called alternative lifestyle, but it won’t any longer be considered alternative – it will be called normal.

Oh dead God, no! Gay people being considered “normal”, just like Christians who were once fed to lions? What is this world coming to?!?

So, what does Mad Crabb suggest? A full fledged crusade, of course…

We are on the road to Sodom and Gomorrah and nobody sees the road signs. Parents are trusting schools with their children to their ultimate peril. Those that try to fight the system get arrested or must spend large sums of money to fight in the court system. Activist judges determined to be social engineers make new laws instead of interpreting laws already on the books that demonstrate precedent and tradition.

What can we do? First of all we need to pray like we’ve never prayed before. Then we need to find sound and sane people to run for school boards across this land. We need to take back the schools, if it isn’t already too late.

Hmm, so does Crabb think that injecting hate-based education will be better for this country? Would she rather we raise a nation of homophobes than people who don’t judge people by their skin color, sexuality and/or religion? It certainly sounds that way to us. To be fair, though, she does ask the Jews for their help. She must be slipping…

It’s people like Crabb who give Christianity – and, in fact, all Americans – a bad name. Shame on you, Mad Crabb! May your vagina ooze green puss and your titties shrivel to the size of plums.