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Maggie Gallagher: ‘Biased Judge’ Was The Only One Who Thought the Defense Didn’t Make a Case

Freedom To Marry’s Evan Wolfson, whose group didn’t want the Perry lawsuit to even get off the ground, and Maggie Gallagher, whose version of reality is less nuanced than an imaginative second-grader, appeared on Anderson Cooper‘s program last night. They sort of deserve each other!

But as for Maggie’s claim (around the 3:50 mark) that it was only Judge Vaughn Walker, the “biased” San Francisco judge, who thought the defense team didn’t show any evidence that marriage should be exclusively reserved for opposite-sex couples? Even the Liberty Counsel agreed the Alliance Defense Fund did a shit job.

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  • One of the CA 36,000

    Stupid fucking cow Maggie Gallagher (aka Mrs. Raman Srivastav– nice Hindu name on your “husband”, Ms. Ultra-Catholic Cuntasaurus) is a sore loser. And she STILL looks like Jabba the Hutt with a pageboy.

    The Prop H8 people lost the case because THERE IS NO RATIONAL, LEGITIMATE REASON TO DENY THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT OF CIVIL MARRIAGE TO SAME-SEX COUPLES. It serves no State interest. All it does is enshrine a specific moral attitude toward a minority into law. And that’s unconstitutional.

    But what would Maggie know about real marriage? I mean, she has a bastard child from a failed relationship and a mysterious invisible husband with a suspiciously Hindu-sounding name. What’s up, you fundamentalist lardass twat?!

  • Raven

    The right to marry, the right to have a child in that marriage and the right to brainwash that child in your religion of choice (choice, not mandated) isn’t being affected one bit by this ruling. There is nothing for Mag Cow disease to bitch about.

  • Mark Alexander

    Maggie, your fifteen minutes was up a long time ago. Go grab a box of Twinkies, sit your immense ass down and STFU already.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Note to Maggot Gallagher: In a bench trial (trial by judge, not jury): Only the judge’s opinion is the opinion that counts.

  • Cam

    Funny Maggie, but the courts in Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont etc… all seem to agree, so I guess he isn’t the only one who feels that way is he?

    What about the attorney for the plaintiffs, the conservative lawyer who was Solicitor General under Bush…he seems to agree with the judge also.

  • mdthom

    I love how Maggie and her lot keep calling the judge a “San Francisco judge”. I wonder if they know that Judge Walker was a George H W Bush appointee.

  • N.

    “It is not discrimination to treat different things differently”


    That’s the definition of discrimination!

  • christopher di spirito

    I find it so interesting that the antigay marriage folks, like FUPA Queen Maggie, have found safe harbor on CNN.

    I guess CNN really earned its nickname of Little Fox News.

  • Syl

    @mdthom: AND a libertarian, not liberal. I bet Maggie would be surprised to find out that we’re not all card-carrying liberal Democrats.

  • Mike

    The meme that Maggie and NOM and ADF keep repeating about the 7 million voters is moot. 7 million can vote pass legislation or 100 senators can vote to pass legislation, but if that legislation doesn’t pass constitutional muster it’s not allowed to stand as law. Maggie knows this. Her followers, however, could do with a refresher course in high school level civics.

  • mk

    @christopher di spirito: They didn’t “find safe harbour”. Anderson and Rick Sanchez who each had on an anti-marriage representative to question both treated the reps largely as retards, challenged them repeatedly, and blatantly preferred the marriage advocate.

  • afrolito

    Why do they keep giving this dumb fat bitch a platform??

  • rrr

    @afrolito: It does actually make sense to ask both sides of a case what their reactions are to a court decision and what their next steps will be even if one side is full of ignorant assholes.

  • Lance Rockland

    Let’s deluge this fat pig with PHOTOS from all our gay weddings!


  • Queer Supremacist

    How does CNN get this BBW* onto their studio? Do they lure her with pork chops on a stick or something?

    *Bloated Blubbery Waste

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Lance Rockland: When I get married I’m sending Fatass McBreederbigot high-definition videos of the wedding night.

  • Hilarious

    I keep confusing her with the Barefoot Contessa host. Except the host of that show loves gay men.

    I think this chick is just mad her dating pool is limited to the very desperate so she wants us to be just as alone and unhappy as she is. Not gonna happen, boo. Go for a jog.

  • Devon

    Why does CNN insist on giving this functionally retarded heifer and her herd a platform on which to moo to their heart’s content?

    They have nothing of value to say.

    Put them all out to pasture already.


    Maggot: We know you peruse the Queerty threads. I posted this one on another thread, but just in case you missed that one…..

    Maggot: We know that your view the Queerty threads. So here is my message to you………You are a bitter old nasty vile reprehensive bigoted stain on humanity. You who had multiple abortions you carry on a charade of a marriage with a man who travels the globe with another man to participate in card torunaments. There is obviusly no love in your marriage. We ask not special rights only the exact same rights enjoyed by every other citizen of the United States. You have cast hatred upon the Gay community for years. You can not give a single example of a Gay person causing harm to you. Our getting married has zero effect on any other group or persons. You and your organization are no better than the skin heads, nazis, KKK or any hatefilled group who spews vile rhetoric upon another group simply because you do not like them. I believe in karma be it in this world or the next. You are destined for a world of hurt for your vile antics…….

    You are the definition of an evil meanspirited vile being who is ugly on both the outside and inside…………

  • christopher di spirito

    @mk: Who cares what FUPA Queen Maggie says or thinks? Oh yeah, CNN’s dumbfuck audience. That’s who.

  • perfectedlove

    Anderson Cooper and judge Walker suffer of gender identity disorder. Sodom Walker needed 136 pages to say that 2 penises or 2 vaginas is “marriage”, garriage may be but not marriage.

    This judge should try to heal himself instead of spreading his nonsense to the rest of the nation

    Evan Wofson should do the same. Foxes should not run the chicken coop.

  • Rob

    Mmm, the delicious tears of defeat. What a bitch.

  • truthteller

    Ethical Journalism requires both sides to be presented; that’s the news.

    This woman should not be stopped from appearing on TV, even when she spews her ignorant and narrow-minded views. Instead, having an intelligent person like, Evan Wolfson disprove her bigotry will help others change their own views and they will join the side of justice and equality. Compare and Contrast!

  • Qjersey


    Stick to the talking points. If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it.


    It doesn’t matter what facts are, if you disagree with them, they are wrong.

  • dvd

    Haha is THAT their new line… “Denying our civil rights to vote on marriage.”

    Oh Maggie, you crack me up. It must suck to be you.

  • Lee

    I want to see Maggie be a witness in the trial.

  • cfishy

    The Maggot woman is probably harboring some of her own homosexuality and trying to get chix’s attention.

    Wrong way to impress chix. just sayin’

  • Robert from ATL

    Maggie seems shocked and amazed that a judge can decide on things voters pass. Maybe she should start the NOOMVM: National Organization for the Overruling of Marbury v. Madison.

  • dvd


    “Deny our civil rights to vote on civil rights”. Haha I’m still laughing.

  • Michael

    Since when did Jabba the Hut start wearing red?

  • jeffree

    She truly seems to be an idiot. I absolutley support same-sex marriage, hope to get married in a few years, but she has no logic behind her carbohydrate-induced rants. She has two, confused talking points — that’s all she’s got.

    I also doubt just how Catholic she is, marrying outside her faith (unless her husband converted they theoretically should’nt marry in the church). /I’m not catholic but I believe that’s church policy.

  • Andy

    Maggie should be the new spokesperson for Chick-fil-A. She’d make a perfect illiterate cow.

  • wompman

    Maggie might as well just run a recording of herself at this point. Same old, bogus “arguments.” Activist judge, people’s right to vote, children need a mother and father, I’m not a bigot, gay people are mean, not a civil right but a civil wrong, gay marriage based on a lie about human nature…rinse, lather, repeat.

    Equality means nothing to her and her ilk. Its all about her religion ruling everything else.

    By the way, what has the national organization for marriage actually done FOR any marriage, anywhere, ever? Nothing. Meanwhile this woman makes plenty of cash whipping up hate against gays and cares nothing for the havoc she creates. History will not look kindly upon her.

  • jeffree

    @Wompan: Great points! I said on another thread that If NOM wants to support str8 marriage they should be using their cashola to fund premarital counseling & marital therapy.
    She just goes on auto-pilot when she speaks. No brainwave activity required !

    I forgot to say this before: My mom has discovered texting & randomly sends me messages: Recent one after seeing Mags on CNN:
    —“Is the TV broken again or is that woman just getting *bigger* by the day?!”–

  • MarriedStraightWoman

    Ugh. People like Fat Mags are shrill because they’re losing. And they’re PISSED. Let ’em go out in public and get on the teevee and show everybody how ugly they are. They’re going to get so loud and ugly and creepy that it’ll convince more and more people to actively *reject* these assholes.

    It’ll become increasingly obvious to all sensible and fair people — the voters of California (or any other state) are not entitled to deny the right of consenting adults to choose their spouses. I think the social inertia has been broken and momentum is building fast.

  • Pip

    “a right to gay marriage in our constitution, which doesn’t exits”
    wait, maggie doesn’t think there’s such thing as a constitution? i guess she thinks jesus is president? also, what’s with that awful magenta jacket she’s always wearing? honey, take some of that Mormon NOMA money, and try going to Barneys. I’m sure the gay clerks will be happy to help you out.

    also, isn’t “equal protection” a right in the constitution? I don’t think the founding fathers separated our government into three tiers so that people like maggie could play moral overlords to the country. the Puritans wouldn’t have founded a new country in the first place if it weren’t for the tyranny of the majority. what a silly woman she is.

  • jeffree

    @Pip: They don’t sell anything over size 20 at Barney’s that’s why :-D
    “Dress.Barn” might be a better option for her haute couture!

    You’re right though: I think she has a weak grasp of the US Constitution. Her knowledge (sp) of the document excludes all those pesky amendments !

  • Queer Supremacist

    I just read on the news that Ringling Bros. is missing a tent. Would YOU happen to know where it is, Mags?


    @jeffree: J.. The only thing even remotley related to Barneys that would fit Maggot would be something that fit Barney the dinousar……. Mama J is very correct she is growing larger and larger by the hour

    PS: when you and the SwissMisster tie the knot, I expect to be one of your MOHs :-p

  • soul_erosion

    Maggie’s To Do List (1) text Brian Brown to see if bus seats can be widened (2) Make sure Charleston, West Virginia has Krispi Kreme Donut Shop (3) text Anita Bryant & ask what to do when the money stops rolling in (4) do Wikipedia search on Supreme Court Cases Reitman v Mulkey and West Virginia State Board of Education v Barnette (6) buy another black outfit at Target

  • laree

    Boy is she ugly. I think marriage opposes her

  • kiaba360

    I’m so tired of these lame arguments, when are we gonna hear something new from Ms. Gallagher? All of them have loopholes. At the end of the day, gays have been around forever, and we’ll continue to be part of society, whether she likes us or not.

  • B

    No. 28 · Robert from ATL wrote, “Maggie seems shocked and amazed that a judge can decide on things voters pass.”

    She probably knows better and is just trying to act like Claude Rains playing the prefect of police in Casablanca: “I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in this establishment,” (followed by, “your winnings, sir”).

  • MrEguy

    Maggot Gagginghore is a bitter woman.

  • kenny

    @QueerSupremacist: ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

    How did they dress a pig up with clothes that can talk?!

    Bigoted bitch I can just see it now to her children: babies never trust teh gayz they gonna get you oh noezzz it iz the end of the worldz! What a fucking moron.People like her and their archaic narrowminded bigoted attitudes and beliefs are what DO NOT BELONG IN THIS WORLD period.

  • David

    So . . .

    There is no right to gay marriage.
    There is no right to heterosexual marriage.
    There is only a right to marriage,
    and that right applies to everyone.

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