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Maggie Gallagher Made Dan Savage Bring Up Her Whole ‘Child Out Of Wedlock’ Thing

Gallagher, who once had a child out of wedlock, speaks for the fidelity-over-anything-else crowd (fidelity over reality, statistics, biology, ability, etc.). Now some people are capable of abstaining before marriage and being faithful to one partner for life—some people, but not Maggie—but these people represent a tiny minority of all sexually active adults. And while those who make this aberrant lifestyle choice should not be discriminated against, the rest of us—the majority of all sexually active adults—should be free to engage in grownup conversations about sex and desire and the reality-friendly ways in which we define and practice fidelity without being shouted down by the monogamously correct. Fidelity, after all, can mean so much more than just “you never get to see anyone else naked ever again.”

—Dan Savage responds to Maggie Gallagher’s criticism of his MTV show deal [via]