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Maggie Gallagher’s New Job: Playing Mother Theresa To Poor Oppressed Homophobes

Marriage ADA’s goal is an America where people on all sides of the gay marriage debate feel free to participate peacefully in the democratic process without fear of threats, harassment, or retaliation. I know that Frank is not the only one, because I’m getting e-mails from others who’ve faced similar threats. The goal of too many gay marriage advocates is to isolate, intimidate, and silence Americans who believe that marriage is the union of husband and wife, because children need their mom and dad. Marriage ADA is a response to these tactics of branding civil, thoughtful participation in democracy as hatred and bigotry.

Former National Organization of Marriage chair and out-of-wedlock mother Maggie Gallagher discussing her new role as the head of Marriage Anti-Defamation Association, in the National Review.

Source: Joe.My.God

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