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Major Marc Jacobs website glitch has shoppers scrambling for free bags

The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag retails online for $195, which seems like an awful lot to pay for a tote bag.

But shoppers on the Marc Jacobs website noticed something odd as they went to check out Tuesday morning — when they went to pay after selecting various tote bags, the total price mysteriously dropped to $0, plus about $10 for tax and shipping.

It didn’t seem to matter if there was one bag in the cart, as was the case with this happy shopper who wrote “Idk if it’s a glitch but ladies! Get your Marc Jacobs tote bag! I’ve been wanting this bag for a min! Glad I waited! No code needed!”:

Or multiple bags:

The glitch quickly started trending on Twitter, with users urging people to try it for themselves.

“Marc Jacobs is giving the tote bag out for free girlies. Hop on it,” wrote one user.

Apparently, others were able to take advantage of the error:

The party soon ended, however, after what we can only assume were some frantic phone calls behind the scenes of the fashion brand.

Folks who missed out were upset and had plenty to say:

They may feel better if this turns out to be true, though:

“I saw a TikTok about another site glitching as well and the girl said that they went back and retroactively charged her the full amount (she paid ~$200 w the glitch but then was charge ~$700 later) so be careful yall,” warned one user.