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Some major news about Season 2 of ‘The White Lotus’ just dropped

Aubrey Plaza in ‘Parks & Recreation’

As HBO moves forward with a new season of creator Mike White’s satire The White Lotus, the network has announced the queer actor set to step into the leading role.

Bisexual actress Aubrey Plaza, known for her turns in Happiest Season, Parks & Recreation and the upcoming Operation Fortune will play the role of Harper Spiller, a woman vacationing with her husband and friends.

Actor Michael Imperioli of The Sopranos will join Plaza in the series as Dominic Di Grasso, a middle-aged man traveling with his college aged-son and ailing father.

The Hollywood Reporter further reports that Season 1 favorite Jennifer Coolidge will return as well for a supporting or cameo role. That gives us one more reason to celebrate.

The White Lotus debuted on HBO last year to an overwhelmingly positive response for its mix of uncomfortable satire of American consumerism and outright hilarity. Though HBO had only green-lit the show for a single, limited season, the public response prompted the network to develop further seasons of the show per creator Mike White’s request.

As White told Queerty in a rare interview, he envisions the show set at a series of White Lotus hotels across the world, with each season focusing on unique characters and a new location.

HBO has not yet announced a release date for The White Lotus Season 2, which is further rumored to be set in Italy.

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