Mandisa Clears Things Up

Did the gays end Mandisa‘s American Idol journey? The blogosphere has been abuzz with speculation for the last few days, based on her statement that her personal American Idol is ex-gay author Beth Moore. We personally think her elimination had less to do with the gays, and more to do with her dreadful rendition of “Any Man of Mine.” She was singing sharp the entire time, and when Kellie Pickler turns out a better performance than you, it’s definitely time to say goodbye.

Mandisa American Idol

But just for you skeptics out there, Mandisa has cleared the air in an interview with The Advocate. She says she doesn’t judge the gays, but she wouldn’t sing at a gay event because she doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle. Oh and those “God is big enough to overcome any lifestyle” comments? That was apparently about her struggle with being fat, though we have to wonder what kind of lifestyle she meant when she so strongly identifies with the ex-gay movement.

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