Marjorie Taylor Greene still has anti-trans sign outside office… but now it’s worse

Marjorie Taylor Greene and some of her exterior office decor
Marjorie Taylor Greene and some of her exterior office decor (Photo: Twitter)

Back in February, shortly after she took up her role as a Representative in Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene ​​(GA-14) erected a large, anti-trans sign on the wall outside her office. It stated, “There are TWO genders, male and female, ‘Trust the science’.”

The sign went up partly in retaliation to Greene’s neighbor across the corridor, Democratic Rep. Marie Newman (IL-03).

Newman has a trans daughter and is a vocal supporter of the Equality Act. Newman also erected a trans flag outside her office, directly opposite Greene’s office. Within hours, Greene had erected her anti-trans signage.

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Yesterday, Greene revealed on Twitter that her sign is still up. Only now she’s added to it, pasting hundreds of letters and cards from people who have written to her pledging their support and gratitude for her far-right political stance.

“​​I am so grateful for all the beautiful letters I receive everyday from great people all over America!,” Green said in a tweet. “It’s the nicest welcome back to my office in DC seeing some of them right at the front door.”

She also posted a video of said wall, which she has plastered with correspondence from well-wishers, in stark contrast to other offices along the corridor.

Most people on Twitter were horrified by Greene’s interior design choices, comparing it to a college dorm or school locker.

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Greene has spent a great deal of time in recent weeks criticizing the promotion of what she deems “experimental” vaccines for Covid-19. Yesterday, the FDA moved the Pfizer vaccine from its “emergency approval” to “full approval” list. If Greene truly believes in ‘trusting the science’, we look forward to her telling her followers to go get jabbed.