Loves Her Homo Fans As Much As They Love Her

Mary J Gets Down With The Gays

The gays have long loved Mary J Blige, so it should come as no surprise that the beautiful singer makes an appearance on the forthcoming issue of The Advocate. Our soul sister Stereotyped passes along some of Blige’s money quotes:

On having gay fans: “The majority of them are [gay], and I have to really make sure that they know I’m paying attention to the fact that they support me, and I support them.”

On the reason she became involved in the fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS: “It was the elephant in the room that nobody’s looking at. It made me be like, Oh, this is right at our front door. This can touch us. So why wouldn’t I want to get involved with something that can help save all our lives, save everybody’s lives?”

Blige also takes on homophobia in the hip-hop community, telling journo Ernest Hardy, that the haters are nothing but suckers and give hp-hop a bad name. Word.

Also in this issue, a look at New York’s domestic partnership laws, an inside view of the war on AIDS and a rousing interview with fag favorite Amy Adams, who admits her Psycho Beach Party doesn’t do Ann-Margaret’s original justice. Ain’t that the truth.