Loves Her Homo Fans As Much As They Love Her

Mary J Gets Down With The Gays

The gays have long loved Mary J Blige, so it should come as no surprise that the beautiful singer makes an appearance on the forthcoming issue of The Advocate. Our soul sister Stereotyped passes along some of Blige’s money quotes:

On having gay fans: “The majority of them are [gay], and I have to really make sure that they know I’m paying attention to the fact that they support me, and I support them.”

On the reason she became involved in the fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS: “It was the elephant in the room that nobody’s looking at. It made me be like, Oh, this is right at our front door. This can touch us. So why wouldn’t I want to get involved with something that can help save all our lives, save everybody’s lives?”

Blige also takes on homophobia in the hip-hop community, telling journo Ernest Hardy, that the haters are nothing but suckers and give hp-hop a bad name. Word.

Also in this issue, a look at New York’s domestic partnership laws, an inside view of the war on AIDS and a rousing interview with fag favorite Amy Adams, who admits her Psycho Beach Party doesn’t do Ann-Margaret’s original justice. Ain’t that the truth.

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  • hisurfer

    Two thoughts:
    1) Next time someone talks to a rock star can they please ask about homophobia in the rock community? Ditto for the pop / Latin / muzak / retro-cool / big hair / et al. communities?

    2) I lose track of the divas who like us and the divas who don’t! Is anyone keeping track, and can you pass the info on?

  • DavidDust

    I thought ALL the divas like us – that’s how they get to be divas. It’s the douchebag boys who don’t all like us.

  • hells kitchen guy

    wow, the advcoate got a B-list personality on its cover. what a shock. maybe someday they’ll actually have a homo on the cover.

  • Dawster

    wait, according to the other thread (Men’s Man of the Year), we’re not suppose to be celebrating straight people in gay magazines.

    and, Hell’s kitchen guy, Mary J is HARDLY b-list… unless you live under a rock.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Dawster, alls I’m askin’ is for the “gay magazine of record” to have a fag ONCE in a while. and in the greater world, I’d say Mary J is not on the level, of say, Brangelina. Although I’ll take my mary over any of those “A level” stars any day!

  • jack jett

    I would rather see a someone as classy as Mary J Blige on the cover than some straight cute dude.

    I am confused as to someone could think that she is on a B list. She is about as awesome as a chick gets.

    jack jett

  • thegayrecluse

    I agree that Mary J. is cool and A-list, but the Advocate is a complete waste of time; it’s like the Human Rights Campaign of magazines, it reeks of cowardice and deceit.

  • John Santos

    “maybe someday they’ll actually have a homo on the cover.”

    “Dawster, alls I’m askin’ is for the “gay magazine of record” to have a fag ONCE in a while.”

    I love you hells kitchen guy. Let’s get together and make a queer hard core film. And get Dawster to direct–he seems loud, obnoxious and bossy, just like Chi Chi LaRue.

  • John Santos

    “wait, according to the other thread (Men’s Man of the Year), we’re not suppose to be celebrating straight people in gay magazines.”

    I wrote that, not hkg.

  • Brandon85

    Dawster, your last name must be Spinster. Because one is not open to seeing people of non-complementary sexuality (in the case of gay men, women and straight men) in a publication that is solely about sex, they must have a problem with those people in non-sexual contexts?

    But on to Mary, the older she gets, the more charming she becomes. And I agree that Mary certainly is A-list. It’s just the only in recent years, has she gained attention outside urban crowds.

  • Rory

    “I’d say Mary J is not on the level, of say, Brangelina.”

    Oh please, Brangelina A-list? Everyone is getting sick of their faces or even their name being mentioned over here in Europe. They are over exposed, vacuous (what do they do, really?) and on their way to becoming D-list becos of this.

    Mary is kool though seems like a real person and a great singer. Prefer her opinion on gay issues than friggin Brangelina…

    And yep it would be nice to have more gay ppl on covers but there are only so much gay celebs to choose from (who we would like to see on a front cover anyways! Haha) and until both straight and gay people prove to all the closet cases out there that being gay is alright and that they do not have to be like the known stereo types cos WE ARE a very diverse bunch. So when more celebs come out we have more gay ppl to put on covers.

    In that light Mary’s hep is very welcome, I think.

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