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Matt Drudge Does ‘Not Love Sex With Men’


It’s a tricky situation, trying to recognize influential gay men and women when they won’t even recognize themselves — as gay. Out magazine played this game in 2007 when it named Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster to its Power 50 list, even though neither are out of the closet. (Since they wouldn’t pose for a cover shoot, models held placards in front of their faces with the twosomes’ mugs.) And, in a genius stroke of publicity, Out is doing it again.

Enter Barry Diller (chairman of IAC, which owns,, and College Humor) and Matt Drudge (the news cycle-setting conservative link curator behind Neither is openly gay, but both men are indeed — beyond the plausible deniability of “gossip.”

Diller, in fact, is married to fashion mogul Diane von Furstenberg; Drudge retains a surprising amount of privacy given his level of influence and notoriety, keeping a home in South Florida high-rise.

While Biller wouldn’t respond to requests for comment from New York magazine, Drudge did.

Out describes Drudge this way: “The archly conservative 42-year-old … also happens to love Chaka Khan, The Young and the Restless, and sex with men … Unfortunately, his agenda is often anti-gay, anti-choice, and anti-tolerance.” (The way Drudge spins stories in just a few hyperlinked words reeks of self-hatred.)

And what did Drudge have to say? “False. False. False,” he tells New York. “I do not love sex with men. My site is not anti-gay. I present both sides of the anti-choice-life issue. I am not anti-tolerant! Except against big-government freaks. I liked Chaka in the eighties, and have not watched Young and the Restless in twenty years! But I do watch Judge Judy!”

Maybe Drugde just isn’t doing it right?

For the record, Drudge has denied being gay, telling the Miami New-Times succinctly, “I’m not.” And he told the London Times, “No, I’m not gay. I was nearly married a few years ago.” But he does go to gay bars!