Matt Sanchez Fears Obama – And Wants You To, Too!

Attention, attention! Let it be known that former gay porn star and conservative action hero Matt Sanchez has made a triumphant return to villainy!

In a piece over at right-leaning World Net Daily, Sanchez contends that Democratic presidential candidate has a “gay problem,” although former marine Sanchez doesn’t quite define what that problem could be.

Rather, he offers an admittedly skewed view on why the right should come out against Obama’s candidacy. And you can be sure he finds time to remind lavender voters that Obama keeps questionable company.

The results are really quite breathtaking…

Like a staph infection resistant to aggressive antibiotics, Barack Obama has a gay problem that will keep returning if only the American media will recognize and examine the symptoms.

The history between Obama and the LGBT movement goes way back. The Barack Obama for President campaign got early seed money from billionaire, gay activist and entertainment executive David Geffen. Geffen gave Obama the pink thumbs-up after banishing the Clintons from Tinseltown.

The honeymoon did not last. Obama ruffled LGBT sensitivities when an ex-gay gospel singer headlined during the early days of Obama’s presidential run. Gay activists protested to have the singer removed from the campaign.

The peddlers of pride, diversity, free speech, tolerance and fairness in the workplace wanted the singing black guy fired for disagreeing with them. If that sounds as inconsistent as the vows of two men publicly promising to be monogamous to one another, don’t worry; none of this stuff is supposed to make sense, especially for the first serious biracial contender to the White House.

Sanchez goes on to touch on more hot button issues, like Obama’s disdain for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and how he’s pushing for trans unity, a topic that scares the right straight.

The crowning conservative moment comes at the very end of his nonsensical piece when he writes: “Obama does have queer religious beliefs – the church where attendees applauded ‘God damn America’ has happily blessed same-sex civil unions for years.”