MD Sex Ed Gets Gay

Some Maryland students will finally get a decent sex education. The State Board of Education voted to add gay-inclusive lessons to Montgomery County’s carnally-minded curriculum.

Two lessons, totaling 90 minutes, will be added to health courses in grades eight and 10 in the fall, along with a 10th-grade lesson and instructional DVD on the correct use of a condom.

The curriculum revisions, while short, place Montgomery in the forefront of a movement toward more candor in teaching about homosexuality in public schools.

No longer will students have to wonder about “gay” and “straight”, but can march into the future knowing that sex isn’t perverse, dangerous or sinful.

It’s a fact of life.

The school board’s enemies – of which it has many – argue that these lessons tacitly approve of gay “lifestyles”, which, of course, will send the children straight to hell. And they may be right.

A passage from the grade eight lesson, for example, dismisses as myth the idea “that a person is homosexual because he or she is not yet interested in the opposite gender.”

That’s blasphemy! Doesn’t the Maryland County School Board know there’s one truth and that their “truth” is false, thus leading children down a false path, away from the aforementioned one truth? It’s simple, “Biblically-endorsed” math! Damn

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  • ProfessorVP

    Want to bet most of the parents will pull the kids out of the class?

  • chad7477

    When I first read about this I was shocked.The school systems have enough problems as it is without this.While being gay does not bother me,after all its your choice,but bringing it in to the school system to be taught to kids is wrong.Its morally wrong as well as physically wrong and including homosexuality in sex ed is not appropriate.As a soon to be parent I would pull my child out of any school system that allows this to be taught.There are a lot of things that need to be taught in school and there things that should be taught by parents and homosexuality should not be in schools as a course.This is just adding to the moral destruction of America and as straight parents we need to stand up and stop this now.The states may recognize same sex relationships but as an individual I strongly oppose them.How can you explain having same sex parents as normal when the child sees other kids that have a mother and father.You cant.You do not have the same rights as heterosexuals and you should not have the same benefits as heterosexual couples.So stop trying to get recognized and stay where you were,out of sight and out of mind.

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