Meet Big Brother’s New Alleged Homophobe Racist, Cowboy Caleb Reynolds

Caleb-Reynolds-Big-Brother1-665x385-1728x800_cBig Brother 16 has not even aired its premiere episode and there is already talk of a racist and homophobic demon among the current houseguests.

Critics of the summer reality survival competition have been scouring the social media accounts of each of the new houseguests since they were revealed in pre-show interviews last week, eager to peg one of them as having the kind of intolerant and unacceptable views that got several houseguests fired from their day jobs last year.

This year, critics have found the racist and homophobic Aaryn Gries clone in Caleb Reynolds, the 26-year-old Kentucky cowboy-type military vet that called President Obama a “Muslim monkey” two years ago.


The comments were posted in a rant on his Instagram page, which has since been deleted by his family. TMZ grabbed a screenshot of the offensive comments and also confirmed that he “used a homophobic slur,” although they do not provide screenshots of that one.

Several people, including Reynolds’ brother and a token black friend, have raced to his defense to claim he is not racist.

Watch Caleb’s pre-show interview below, and check him out on tonight’s massive two-part Big Brother 16 premiere.