Meet Big Brother’s New Alleged Homophobe Racist, Cowboy Caleb Reynolds

Caleb-Reynolds-Big-Brother1-665x385-1728x800_cBig Brother 16 has not even aired its premiere episode and there is already talk of a racist and homophobic demon among the current houseguests.

Critics of the summer reality survival competition have been scouring the social media accounts of each of the new houseguests since they were revealed in pre-show interviews last week, eager to peg one of them as having the kind of intolerant and unacceptable views that got several houseguests fired from their day jobs last year.

This year, critics have found the racist and homophobic Aaryn Gries clone in Caleb Reynolds, the 26-year-old Kentucky cowboy-type military vet that called President Obama a “Muslim monkey” two years ago.


The comments were posted in a rant on his Instagram page, which has since been deleted by his family. TMZ grabbed a screenshot of the offensive comments and also confirmed that he “used a homophobic slur,” although they do not provide screenshots of that one.

Several people, including Reynolds’ brother and a token black friend, have raced to his defense to claim he is not racist.

Watch Caleb’s pre-show interview below, and check him out on tonight’s massive two-part Big Brother 16 premiere.

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  • AlexM

    And we’re supposed to be what exactly? shocked by this?

  • Tackle

    Such an unsexy speaking voice.

  • masc4masc

    ….and you still WANT HIM! Admit it, guys. Part the reason this gets under your skin is because he’s hot.

  • doug105

    @masc4masc: He’s meh.

  • tricky ricky

    a dead gerbil has more brains and personality. he joined the army to kill people.

  • Kangol


    He’s not hot, he’s puketastic. But you can have this [email protected] h0mophobe all to yourself.

  • coltonblack

    I don’t think the guy is really all that. Others might think he is super hot but not really something I would say.

    As far as being a homophobe, I have to say that he has made remarks that make him out to be this way, intended or not.

  • dvlaries

    Well, I’m doing my part to kill “reality TV.” I don’t watch any of that shit.

  • masc4masc

    @Kangol: Oh please, Kangol. A hot white guy that actually gives you a yes? You’d be on your knees in a matter of seconds, and you know it!

  • gesslar

    @masc4masc: Gay men are some of the pickiest people out there in terms of what they find attractive. It’s really unfair to say that everyone wants a person who looks like this or would worship at his wiener if given the chance.

    That said, he’s _ok_ looking, but he’s nothing special.

  • Mezaien

    He is, so not “GAY” I wonder if he knows that Caleb, mean DOG in the bible? just asking.

  • DB75

    @masc4masc: He has nice eyes, but that’s about it. Not my type at all.

  • hex0

    Would be far more attractive if he weren’t a bigoted redneck. Physically nothing wrong though, lol.

  • brandon

    Ok queerty. Let’s stop promoting an attractive homophobe. We all know you love to do that :) no promotion, less publicly. It’s that easy, but I guess this site wouldn’t get that many hits if you stopped with the pointless controversy.

  • Rick

    Is this really surprising? This show reaches new levels of douche-baggery every year.

  • masc4masc

    @gesslar: I agree that gay men can be a finicky bunch. However, I’ve also noticed gay men (usually the fatties and/or the oldies) seem to get the most physically critical of guys that are clearly good-looking with great bodies. He may not have a winning personality, but he’s far from average in the looks dept.

  • OrchidIslander

    @masc4masc: No one is calling him hot except for you. Stop projecting your desires for this douche onto the rest of us.

  • wmnashco

    @masc4masc: He is far below average in looks and what do you mean by old and fat guys?

  • wmnashco

    @masc4masc: Hot? Hardly.

  • masc4masc

    @wmnashco: Probably you. lol

  • jmmartin

    God completely wasted attractiveness on this poor soul. Why didn’t God make him compassionate and selfless.

  • Ken A.

    I don’t know, he doesn’t seem so homophobic, there is obviously a gay guy interviewing him and he’s not running or ranting.

  • martinbakman

    Love how this show uses the same recipe over and over.
    Is there a busty blonde that squeaks? An ethnic dude that lifts weights and believes in the Bible? and some old cracker from Texas that goes by Uncle Carl?

  • martinbakman

    … oh, and a flamboyant gay dude that look like a rooster?

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