Meg Whitman Hates Gay Marriage, But Will Let Married Gays Stay Married


California gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman is interested in the environment. She’s interested in education. And she’s interested in banning civil rights. A Prop 8 supporter, the former eBay CEO now finds herself — or rather, her team finds itself — clarifying where Whitman stands on same-sex unions. And it’s an interesting situation, because Whitman’s become so well known for wanting to keep equal rights away from gay men and women. But wait, what’s this? She supports civil unions?

Ah yes, she’s one of those people who just want to reserve the word “marriage” for straight people. It’s a position she relayed before: A stance built on her religious convictions, Whitman’s spokesflack Mitch Zak explains in an interview with WowOWow. “Yes, she voted for Proposition 8, and to her that was a matter of her faith and her personal convictions. She does believe the term ‘marriage’ should belong to the union of a man and a woman. But that said, she is absolutely a strong supporter of civil unions and it’s evident by her leadership at eBay. It was tremendously inclusive in that regard. The one other distinction that she made is that the folks who were legally married when the law was in California, those folks should stay married.”


To clarify:

• Since launching her officially unofficial bid for governor, Whitman has been a staunch anti-gay-marriage advocate and Prop 8 supporter.

• Her new position, or clarified position, or “evolved” (politicos love that word!) position is that gay people should have equal protection, just not marriage. Civil unions for all second-class citizens!

• But! All you homos who got married during California’s brief window of legal gay marriage? She’s fine with you staying married, even though, if you’re following along at home, Whitman’s personal convictions hold that you shouldn’t be entitled to a real “marriage.”

This woman is poison.