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Meghan McCain, hater of tell-all books, to release tell-all book in audio format only

This just in: Meghan McCain is releasing a new book. Sort of.

John McCain’s daughter’s latest foray into the literary arts will hit bookstores streaming services in October. Though it’s being billed as a book, “Bad Republican” is only being released in audio form, not in print.

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According to the publisher’s summary, 36-year-old McCain “tells her story — in her own words — inviting listeners inside the unwavering heart and ferocious mind of a young conservative woman who refuses to back down.”

In other words, she just going to talk about herself for five hours and 56 minutes and then package it as a memoir.

According to the publisher’s summary, the “memoir” will cover everything from being John McCain’s daughter to being John McCain’s daughter, with a few chapters devoted to her misadventures on the New York dating scene before she met her husband, noted homophobe and right-wing propagandist Ben Domenech.

McCain, who loved nothing more than to criticize guests on The View who had written tell-all memoirs, will also offer her personal insights on the topics she’s most passionate about, including cancel culture, internet trolls, and her hatred of Donald Trump.

“Bad Republican” will be available on Audible October 21. It will retail at $29.95. We did the math and that comes out to $.08 a minute.

Here’s how folx on Twitter reacted to the news about McCain’s new audiobook…

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