Meghan McCain threw another temper tantrum on ‘The View’ today and we’re all a little bit dumber now

Meghan McCain had another meltdown on The View this morning and once again reminded everyone of how truly insufferable and embarrassingly unqualified she is for her job as a morning show personality.

It all started when Whoopi Goldberg was in the middle of talking about President Biden’s trip to Geneva and Meghan rudely interrupted to say that “with all due respect” she didn’t care what her co-host was talking about.

“I don’t care that you don’t care,” an annoyed Whoopi replied. “Just hear what I’m saying.”

I don’t care that you don’t care!” 36-year-old Meghan snarled back. “We’re even!”

To which Whoopi said, “Well, good, Meghan. You can be how you always are.”

You can be how you always are!” Meghan retorted before the show cut to commercial.

After the break, the two women both said they were sorry to one another.

“I want to apologize because I was rude,” Whoopi said. “I didn’t need to say what I said, and I apologize. That’s not the way I want to behave at work. I apologize, Meghan.”

“I apologize too, Whoopi,” Meghan, who reportedly earns $3 million a year to flaunt her privilege on the show, replied unconvincingly.

Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous that Whoopi had to apologize to Meghan when it was Meghan who interrupted her then acted like a petulant child, but that’s just how these things tend to go, unfortunately.

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