Miami’s ‘Citizens’ Bill Of Rights’ Is Totally Gay

Miami’s pollsters sure are sneaky – and that’s a good thing!

The Florida city’s January 29th ballot will contain a little publicized bill called the “Citizens’ Bill of Rights”. In addition to aesthetic concerns – like clean air – the measure also prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Since hearing the news, right wing activists are pledging to vote against it, reports the Miami Herald. Such a reaction isn’t surprising, nor is gay activist Ron Brenesky’s reaction: “I’m shocked. I commend the city for trying to do this. I commend the spirit, but not the method. We should have been aware. At least we would have gotten our people out to vote.”

Certainly voters deserve to know – and should know – exactly how their vote will effect local politics, the relative secrecy around the Bill may actually be a strength.

Imagine if the social conservatives had caught wind of the queer aspects earlier – they would rally as if their little lives depended on defeating the measure. At least this way our proverbial enemies can’t get their shit together in time to quash potential equality!